Twitter trends sweep Crusader Nation

Michaelann Brasgalla ‘14


They are the hashtag sensations that are sweeping the social media nation: #MCM and #WCW. Every Monday is Man Crush Monday and Wednesday is Woman Crush Wednesday.
Twitter and Instagram are overloaded with pictures of people posting their “crush” for that week. Mondays are reserved for posting pictures of men, whether it is a boyfriend, someone whom you admire, or a celebrity crush. Wednesdays have the same concept, except women are used instead of the men. These days provide different scenery on the social media sites away from all the “selfies” and other typical mainstream pictures users post.
It all depends on the person and how they choose to show their #MCM or #WCW. Some take a more serious outlook on it than others.
“I think it’s a good way to show somebody you care about them,” said Breanna Bates ’14.
There are also the people who see it as a way to joke around with friends, or they just do not take it seriously in general.
“Woman Crush Wednesday is used for flirting with hot chicks,” said Michael White ’15.
“I post stupid pictures of my best friend Katie Brewer for my Woman Crush Wednesday,” said Meagan Cykon ’14.
It can also be used as a way to show off the celebrities that people dream about and drool over.
“Luke Bryan is delicious. . .I mean, look at him!” said Cykon.
Mondays and Wednesdays give people the chance to mix it up so that it is not the same pictures of Starbucks coffee, pictures of what someone is currently eating, or poor-resolution pictures of oneself.
“I would rather see the pictures that people post of their ‘crush’ than the selfies,” said Nicholas Abdelnour ‘15.
Sometimes people use these days to expose the ones they like, though.
“Usually when I do Man Crush Monday, I use an embarrassing picture of my boyfriend,” said Alexis Pallis ‘14.
Others will post pictures as a joke.
“For Man Crush Monday, I use myself because I am my own crush,” said Sterling Yowell ‘14.
Like everything else in life, this trend has brought with it more ways to annoy people.
“Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s cute when couples use each other as their crushes, but when they do it every week, we clearly understand the point,” said Elaina Abu-Joudeh ’15.
Sometimes it’s not even the pictures of couples that are annoying, but it’s the constant repetition of someone doing it every week.
“I think if you do it every week, it is kind of obsessive,” said Pallis.
Like every fad, eventually this one will too, see its end. When that is, no one knows for sure, but there is one who has an idea.
“I think this will end approximately around May 29, 2015. I think that is a pretty safe estimate,” said Stephen Sappington ’16.
Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday have become the hashtags that users have come to know and love over social media. Are you going to be the person who keeps this trend going, or will it fade slowly?