Crusaders travel all around the world

Complied by Adrianna Sputa ‘15

“I water ski a lot with my family.” Marissa Tocco ‘15 said.

“I’ve seen the Coliseum, been to Rome twice and the Roman ruins,” Nick Puzzonia ‘17 said.

“I studied and lived in Mexico,” said Susie Balogh, Spanish and French Teacher. “Traveling has enriched my life.”

London, England
“I studied abroad in London in college for three months. It was very cool,” Rosa Hough, History teacher said.

“I visited the Northern Mountain area, and where my dad grew up,” Nick Abdelnour ‘15 said.

“I’ve gone several times to visit family on the island of Bohol,” Gabby Familara ‘17 said.

Beijing, China
“I walked on the Great Wall of China,” Barry Yung ‘16 said.