Don’t pass up Camp Cavell

Jake Carriveau ‘14
Sports editor


If you ask any student at LCN, they will most likely know what Camp Cavell is. They probably have heard about it from other people, but most don’t understand what happens there until they experience it for themselves.
At camp the main component is communication. Students wake up at seven and eat breakfast, and then go to a session with a group. After that they have some free time to do whatever they want, like go down to the beach, hangout in the café, or see the alpacas. After that campers head to another session with their group. Once that concludes they can do whatever they want until lights out at midnight.
“At first I didn’t want to go,” said Sarah Cranford ’14, “but once I got there I saw what it actually was, and I would have regretted it if I didn’t go.”
When I first heard about Camp Cavell, I felt like it would be boring. We don’t get to have our phone for the weekend, and there’s nothing to do but interact with other people. But after I spent some time there and saw what it was all about, my opinion changed.
“I only went because all of my friends said it was a life-changing, eye-opening experience. I didn’t really believe them but after going, I can see what they were talking about and I definitely want to go back,” said Kelsey London ’14.
“I see them break down their barriers and learn that they are not the only ones struggling and that what you see is not always what you get. It affects them very positively, if they’re open to it,” said Jennifer Duffield, an art teacher and camp counselor.
Some people who haven’t had the chance to go to camp hear about all the fun and envy the students who did get the chance to go.
“I want to go to Camp Cavell because everyone who talks about it says it’s so much fun and they all love it. If I had the chance, I would go for sure,” said Danielle Sargent ’15.
Camp Cavell is an eye- opening experience and everyone who gets an opportunity to go should. After the weekend is over, you will have an abundance of new friends.