Hot spots in Chesterfield

Paige Zaziski ‘14
Photo Editor


Late on a Friday night, Connor Carbary strolls into Applebee’s on 23 Mile Road and Gratiot with his teammates to grab a post-game meal. While doing his thing, he spots many familiar faces.
When going to grab a bite, students might catch a familiar face at one of many Chesterfield hot spots.
Carbary said, “I like going to Applebee’s after games (football). It’s cool because everyone goes in there and it’s almost like being at someone’s house. It’s just comfy in there.”
Applebee’s is popular for many LCN students, especially after football games, basketball games, or any other sporting event.
“After our hockey games, it’s fun meeting up at Applebee’s. The team and I all go there and we end up seeing people we know even if we didn’t tell them to meet up with us. Sometimes it gets weird because you don’t know if you should say hi or not,” Jessy Jones ’14 said.
Fighting side by side with places to go after sporting events is Buffalo Wild Wings in Chesterfield.
Bdubs is also popular when a big game is on. Groups of guys will get together and meet up to watch the action.
“One time last year for the Red Wings game, they made it to the play-offs and a bunch of my friends met there to watch the game,” Robbie Hentkowski ’14 said. “I like it there because it’s a fun place to be.”
When sports aren’t the highlight, Gus’ Coney Island at 23 and Gratiot is a popular place to go, especially during late hours or weekend mornings.
“Me and my friends all pile in a car and go to Gus’ at one in the morning. It’s an easy place to go for late-night food,” Melissa Frontera ’15 said.
After a late night, Gus’ is always ‘bumpin’ with people.
Sam Wandmacher ’16 said, “Like the morning after homecoming, me and my friends went to Gus’ for breakfast. We saw so many people from our school, it was kind of embarrassing.”
Newly established, but definitely known around Chesterfield is Orange Leaf at 21 Mile Road and Card.
“I love going to Orange Leaf. My brother, sister, and I go there all the time. I haven’t been there one time where I didn’t recognize someone,” Justin Mazzetti ’16 said.
Many people go to Orange Leaf when they don’t have anything to do because the hangout is appealing and meeting friends there is easy.
Abby Johnson ’15 said, “My neighbors and I went to Orange Leaf at least once a week in the summer and every time. And we always saw multiple people we knew.”
Panera at 23 Mile Road and Gratiot is a popular study place. Before finals, groups of friends meet up to study there.
“I love Panera. I tell myself I’m going to study there but end up eating more than studying. Also, not too long ago me and a few of my friends met there to study for our test,” Chloe Acker ’17 said.
After half days or shorter days, many students like going out to eat. Gus’, Panera, Pita Peddler all tend to be the hot spots in Chesterfield. Whether it’s just grabbing a bite to eat or a fun place to meet up, Chesterfield hot spots usually contain a familiar face.