It’s time to cram! Exam week is almost here

Shellie Zamponi ‘15
Focus Editor


January 17-23: yep, the dreaded days are almost here. Two weeks after Christmas break and 20 weeks before school lets out, it’s exam week.
For most students, this is a stressful week. For freshmen, this is a completely new experience.
Coming into high school is a new experience on its own: new people, new school, new classes, exhausting schedules, and on top of that, a week fully devoted to exams.
Emma Patterson ’16 remembered back to her first exams last January, “They were pretty okay. I try not to get nervous before tests.”
However, this is not the case for all students. Luckily, Cocoa and Cram is here to help!
What is Cocoa and Cram? It’s another way that Link Crew is working to help freshmen succeed!
Just before exam time, after school, Link Crew is offering help to freshmen prepare for exams. The event is held in the cafeteria which is divided into sections. Each section contains a school subject, and at each section is stationed a Link Crew Leader to help. The event is free, snacks are offered and, of course, there is hot cocoa!
Cocoa and Cram began eight years ago here.
“Freshmen really need help with their first exams,” Rosa Hough, Link Crew sponsor said.
And it really is beneficial!
Sophomores who attended agreed that this event had helped them and that they had a fun time there!
Taylor Peterman ’16 said, “It was a lot of fun and it helped me a lot on my first exams.”
“A lot of people and peers helped,” Spencer Strange ’16 said.
Between sports, clubs, school and trying to find personal time, freshmen struggle to find time to study for exams.
“It’s a nice study session, it gives them time and they can hang out with their friends,” Link Crew sponsor Sarah Youngs said.
One of the downsides to exam time is the endless, infamous review packets that seem to be hundreds of pages long.
Kaylee Kramer ‘15 recalled her experience from the event, “It helped me finish all of those study guides.”
Another advantage of going to Cocoa and Cram is that it is a good place to study. Not only do freshmen have help right by their side but also it is a comfortable place to study.
Sydney Walker ’16 said, “My family likes to be loud and it was quiet there.”
“It was helpful and had a good atmosphere,” Carolyn Ross ‘16 said.
There are also those lucky students who earn extra credit for attending Cocoa and Cram.
Link Crew leader Elizabeth Brendle ’14 recommended that all freshmen attend.
“It helps freshmen with their apprehensiveness of exams. It gives them a step more of confidence,” she said.
She remembers one freshman she was trying to help.
“She didn’t seem like she understood and then suddenly, the girl was like ‘Oh, I get it!’” Brendle said, smiling in remembrance.
All in all, Cocoa and Cram is a great way to enjoy studying and what’s not to love? Better grades, time to actually cram, help, snacks, cocoa and possibly extra credit?
Make sure to plan to attend the study session on January 16, right after school!