Spanish 5 classes participate in Pulsera Project

Samantha Pleiness ‘14
Cover Editor



For those who take a Spanish class at LCN, the word “pulsera” might ring a bell, but for those who don’t, it means bracelet.
With the holidays coming up, everyone wants to pay it forward to the less fortunate. With that being said, the Spanish 5 class is making an effort to help children from Nicaragua so they can have a better community and just an overall better lifestyle.
Nicaragua is part of Central America and has a population of six million. Most of the Nicaraguans have issues struggling just to survive. They have a severe shortage of food, shelter and money and it’s nearly impossible to live a good life. Situations like these lead to people giving a helping hand to those who need it most, so that’s why the Pulsera Project was created.
“The youth that make these bracelets come from extremely bad environments,” Spanish 5 teacher Elaine Mantinan said, “and I am real excited to be a part of this movement.”
In 2009, a group of Americans traveled to Nicaragua and found a shelter for kids who lived on the street, and they soon found out that those kids were masters at weaving bracelets. With the economy being so poor, the kids never got a chance to make money off of their artwork. The group of Americans were so touched and amazed by these bracelets, they decided to do a good deed and bring the bracelets to the United States.
“In the next unit, I’m teaching my Spanish 5 students about social conscience and when I heard about this project at a conference, I thought it would tie in perfectly with what we are learning,” said Mantinan.
It only took a couple years for all of the United States to hear about this non-profit organization, and now more than 450 schools are getting involved with this project. According to, over the next few years more countries than just the United States will know about the Pulsera Project and will help give the Nicaraguans hope for a new and better life.
Getting these bracelets is extremely easy and 100 percent free. All Mantinan had to do was to send the organization an email with her address and saying that her students were interested in helping the children of Nicaragua. It’s that simple and, once all of that was done, the organization sent the hand-made bracelets and the school is able to sell them.
These bracelets are being sold in all lunches during the third week of December for only $5. All proceeds are going to the project and the Spanish 5 class is hoping to see every student at LCN join the Pulsera Project and help make an impact on the people of Nicaragua.
“I am very ecstatic to be doing such a good deed for these amazing people. I want to give them hope and I want them to realize that they should never give up because we are here to help them have a better life,” said Abby LaPorte ’14.
Nicaraguan weavers take about two hours to make just one bracelet. They put a lot of time and effort into these pieces of art, and with each bracelet comes a little picture tagged on the corner with the signature of the artist.
“Seeing these kids struggle on an everyday basis makes me realize that I have such a good life and that I should never take anything for granted. People need to start stepping it up and helping others in need, and I am extremely excited to help out with such a great program,” said Kendal McBurrows ’14.
Not only does the Pulsera Project benefit Nicaragua but also it also benefits the United States as well. With years of hard work, the volunteers raised more than $700,000 that went towards creating more jobs, better communities, and also improving educational programs. Along with that, proceeds also go towards youth soccer programs, support for youth shelters, and much more. This project is making a big impact everywhere and the Spanish 5 class of LCN is very excited to help bring people together, share the culture, and change peoples’ lives for the better.
Christian Jordan ’14 said, “The outcome of our class doing this project and paying it forward can only be positive. It is for an awesome cause and it feels so great to be helping others and I am pumped to see everyone around school rocking those cool bracelets.”