We miss Ski Club!

Kirstin Jett ‘14
Copy Editor


“I had a really great time with my friends,” Alec Rickel ’14 said.

“I’m sad that they’re not doing it (Ski Club) this year. It was a good way to relax and hang with your hang friends on a Monday night,” Nathan Yurik ’14 said.

“A kid smashed his face on a box once, which is sheet of carbon fiber. He wasn’t hurt too bad and we laughed; it was very funny,” Dani Orr ’14 said.

“It was very cold in the bitter winters on Monday nights,” Richard Petty ’14 said.

“It was a great way to meet new people that snowboard,” Alexis Aleccia ’15 said.

“Dani (Orr) was behind Alexis (Aleccia) and I on the ski lift once and he pushed us off, which made us both fall off. Alexis was almost hit in the head by another passing chair but I warned her to move her head in time,” Callie Baker ’15 said. “It was actually really funny.”

“It was a lot cheaper with the discounted rates we got,” Josh Alanskas ’14 said.

“I’m disappointed that Ski Club doesn’t exist anymore. I would have definitely joined this year,” Charlie Kolacki ’16 said.

“I love the breeze against my face when I go down the slopes with my friends,” Jessy Jones ’14 said.