Editorial: Paying it forward during holidays


The holiday season is a time that everyone enjoys. It stresses the common values of friendliness, kindness and charity, as well as the value of togetherness. As some people relish the thought of the holiday season, other people are not able to indulge and take part in the full experience due to different factors in their lives.
Thankfully, there are people and organizations that strive to help every single person to enjoy the holidays regardless of their circumstances. That’s the amazing part about the holiday season: the spirit shows through everyone.
Paying it forward is an important concept to stress, especially around the holiday season. Helping those less fortunate is not just what is right, but what the holiday season is all about.
Between schools, churches, charity events, and other places, take the holidays as an opportunity to give back and help those who need it.
The North Star Staff feels that giving back is the most important quality to express during the holiday season.
Imagine being a young child who can’t celebrate Christmas because his family doesn’t have the money to buy food for Christmas dinner or a kitchen in which to cook it. Being fortunate adolescents growing up with the privilege of being able to celebrate, we look back on our childhood and reflect on the excitement of those fun times. Trying to imagine a childhood without Christmas celebrations is just completely beyond comprehension.
Paying it forward and giving back is not just a chance to help those that are less fortunate. People overseas fighting for our country who can’t always have a family dinner deserve a treat, as well.
Whether it is making cards, sending baskets, or setting up video chats, giving them the chance to see their family and experience the holiday time could make their entire year.
LCN groups like the Make a Difference Club, Key Club, the Knitting Club, and the Leadership class are all taking a stand and paying it forward this season.
Giving back and paying it forward during the holidays is, hands-down, the most important part of celebrating the holiday season.