How much is too much?

We asked four boys and four girls on The North Star staff how much money they think  a boyfriend should spend on his girlfriend’s Christmas present.



Hannah Shier

Opinions editor

Since I, Hannah Leigh Shier, am a princess, I believe that I should be treated like one by my significant other. Although I do realize that is extremely unrealistic, I still think it would be nice to be spoiled by someone I care about one day out of the year. I mean, I’m not talking about diamond earrings, a $300 purse, or a brand new car; I’m talking about little, simple yet significant purchases that I would keep and cherish.
I wouldn’t complain either if my boyfriend wanted to drop some mad cash and buy me pretty things, but we all know no boy WANTS to shower you with fancy gifts.
Boys, treat your girls right for Christmas, and girls, you are not the only who wants to feel appreciated: buy your boy a nice gift. You don’t need to go all out. Like I said, just find something special you know they would like. I also think the amount you are spending should depend on how long you and your partner have been together. You’re not going to spend $60 on some cologne for a boy you just started dating.
I remember when my eighth grade boyfriend and I were exchanging presents for Christmas, and he gave me a really pretty necklace and all I gave him was an American Eagle jacket. I felt bad that he bought me such a pretty gift and he only got a jacket. However I saw him over the summer unexpectedly, and he was wearing the jacket I bought him.
The moral of the story is if you receive a present, and you gave kind of a crappy one they might love it and still wear it often four years from now… You shouldn’t be stressed out over a simple gift; giving comes from the heart and that’s all that should matter. It’s the thought that counts.


Hayley Tomich

Opinions editor

Teddy bears, necklaces, infinity rings, Pandora bracelets and perfume are all common Christmas gifts that girlfriends receive every year. Any girl would be lying if they said they don’t enjoy receiving gifts. However, how much is too much for a boyfriend to spend on a girlfriend?
In my opinion, it is totally up to the boyfriend as to how much he wants to spend on his girl. If he wants to spend $30, then go ahead and only spend $30. The same goes for the more expensive items.
Typically, if a couple has been dating for a longer period of time, a boyfriend should spend a little bit more on a gift. However, girls need to remember that it’s not the value of the gift that matters, but it’s the thought that counts.
So boys, if you don’t want to or simply can’t spend $100 on a necklace, you don’t have to! Just make sure that the gift you give your girlfriend is sentimental and personal. Don’t get your girlfriend a necklace if she never wears necklaces. Make sure it is something that your girlfriend will wear or use daily. I promise your girlfriend will not get upset if you don’t get her a really expensive gift.


Michaelann Brasgalla

It is the most wonderful time of the year! The snow has begun to fall, the Christmas lights glisten in the dark night, and the stores are crowded with people trying to find that perfect gift for that perfect someone.
Guys and girls alike break their necks trying to figure out what to get their boyfriend or girlfriend for Christmas, which sparks the ever-so-popular question: how much is too much? Is it $40, $80, or does your love not have a price limit?
These days, society is too caught up in the idea of material items and their net worth. The fact that some girls will ask their boyfriend to spend $200 on a purse just because it has a Michael Kors label on it is mind-blowing. Then again, there are also girls who smile ear-to-ear when they un-wrap a homemade bracelet and their favorite candy.
I think it all depends on the people in the relationship. There are the girls who believe “it’s the thought that counts;” whereas, there are girls who think the more a guy spends on her, the more he cares.
Even though I am not in a relationship, a girl can think about these things, right? I think it would be the cutest thing to open something that reminded me of a favorite memory that I shared with my boyfriend or even just knowing that he spent the time picking something out and paid for it, no matter what it may be or how much he may have spent.
Ladies, this holiday season whether you are telling your boyfriend what is on your wish list or about to open the little box he wrapped 15 times until it was perfect, keep an open heart, and remember that just because he did not get you those gorgeous Tiffany earrings you have been talking about since September does not mean that he did not spend a lot of time thinking of the gift that he thought was perfect for you.


Bre Previdi

Business manager

I feel as though the amount of money that is spent on a significant other depends on how serious the relationship is. Although some people make it out to be a big deal, Christmas gifts really aren’t.
A cute, subtle necklace or ring would be a suitable gift for a boy to give to a girl because most of the time girls give boys subtle gifts such as cologne or a t-shirt. There is no point in going out and blowing $200 on a Christmas gift for a high school relationship that probably won’t last a lifetime. I would be happy with a thoughtful gift, rather than some clichéd fantasy gift like a Coach purse or an expensive pair of Ugg boots.
The amount of money a boyfriend or girlfriend spends on a gift shouldn’t jeopardize the relationship or change their feelings for each other because a relationship isn’t all about presents. A simple homemade blanket or a bundle of movies for a movie night would be an amazing Christmas gift because the boyfriend would have put effort and thought into the gift rather than simply going out and buying a pre-packaged necklace or stuffed animal.


Jake Carriveau

Sports editor

Buying your significant other a Christmas gift is always a strenuous and irritating task. But what amount should you spend on them? Should you spend more to try to prove you care about them, or spend the same and call it even?
Guys spend money on their girl countless times throughout the year. Whether it’s taking them to movies, out to dinner, or any other activity, most girls expect guys to pay for them. It’s ridiculous how much money some guys spend on their girlfriends. It’s nice to pay for them here and there and buy her gifts occasionally, but buying her a really expensive gift for Christmas is not a smart move.
Buy her some simple things, such as a big stuffed animal, fuzzy blanket, or a framed picture of the two of you. Chances are something simple like that will mean more to her than anything else you could buy for her.
It also depends on how long you’ve been in a relationship with the person. If it’s less than two months, don’t waste your money trying to impress her with a huge gift. Get her something very simple, but still enough to make her happy.
Spending a great deal of your hard-earned money on someone who might not even be around in the near future is not wise. Think simple; she’ll love something from the heart more than something from an expensive store.


Zach Gregarek


When it comes to buying your girlfriend Christmas presents, I think spending $200-250 is appropriate. It isn’t an obnoxious amount but it is still enough to buy her something nice.
The amount of time a couple has been together can also be a factor. It would be a little much to spend a couple hundred on her if you have only been dating her for two weeks. On the other hand, if you and your girlfriend have been together for a year or so, it’s understandable and appropriate to purchase something on the higher end for her.
If you are one of the couples that are newly dating, I would stick to getting her something such as a hoodie from her favorite store and some perfume, but if you have been together for a good amount of time, a Pandora bracelet, or a pair of Ugg boots would make great gifts.
Some people get really weird about spending a lot of money, but Christmas is about giving so when it comes down to it, I enjoy and don’t mind spending money on the person I care about. I would rather go big when it comes to buying a girl Christmas presents rather than be cheap and worry about costs. Christmas is a very special time of the year, so you might as well go all out and make it as memorable as possible.


Nick Piwko


Guys have to pay for everything during the year. Why should we have to pay a lot more for Christmas gifts, too? Girls always expect the guy to pay because of movies they see or because of what the media advertises. Every girl wants to be treated like she is a princess but she needs a reality check.
This is high school. Guys don’t have any money to blow on expensive gifts. Yes, I think that you should give your girl a gift within reason, but if your girlfriend spends more than you, that’s just flat-out embarrassing. You always have to one-up your girlfriend so try to talk to her friends to see if the tell the secret about your gift. You do not want to come off too cheap, but you don’t want to be a big spender; you have to find a happy medium.
So basically buy a meaningful gift because she will keep it forever and you won’t have to have limited cash in your wallet.


Justin Graham


When thinking of Christmas gifts to purchase for my woman, I would spend whatever amount feels comfortable. Shoes, stuffed animals, blankets, and jewelry are always the best choices.
Personally, I like to buy her shoes and jewelry but also, I enjoy taking her out on ‘cute’ dates. Ice skating, dinner, and sledding are some of the dates I would take a girl out on. Try to surprise the girl with these ideas and it’ll make her happy.
How much should be spent on a girl? It all depends, how long you’ve been dating, how comfortable you are together, and how close the two of you are together are the most important. If you’ve been together for about four months or longer, I would say whatever you’re comfortable spending is perfectly fine. Now if you’re a new couple and your families don’t know each other too well, I would say keep it below $50. You don’t need to go full out if you’re still getting to know the person.
Make sure to give the girl the most amazing Christmas she’ll ever have but don’t get too carried away. You’re welcome!