Out of school sports need love, too

Abigail Donahue ‘15
Feature Editor


Amanda Vandelinder ’15 puts on her ice skates and glides onto the ice to compete in a competition.
“I am a figure skater, and I like getting away from everyone at school and meeting new people whenever I compete,” Vandelinder said.
Vandelinder practices four days a week, and sometimes she even practices very early before school begins.
“Sometimes before school, I have to wake up at 5 a.m. just to practice,” Vandelinder said.
She is not the only one who participates in a sport/activity outside of school. Nick Abdelnour ‘15 has practice every day during the week in order to get better and get his black belt in karate.
“I do karate every day during the week and I have practices for a couple of hours,” Abdelnour said.
Karate is a unique sport only because it is individual versus a team concept.
“The thing I like best about karate is I feel that I get more out of it. Instead of just playing a game with a team, I can actually defend myself against others,” Abdelnour said.
A lot of students at LCN participate in unique sports that are not represented here.
“I do gymnastics and I love everything about it. I like traveling and flipping through the air. It’s fun but also challenging,” Paige Zaziski ’14 said.
Gymnastics is Zaziski’s life. Ever since she was younger, Zaziski would always do flips and climb on things. Because of this, her mom decided to put her in gymnastics. She practices 21 hours a week along with competitions and meets almost every weekend.
“I started competing when I was six years old and I really don’t have time for any other sports,” Zaziski said.
Zaziski has traveled overseas to London, England, and Antwerp, Belgium, to train as she was a part of the All Star Team for region 5.
“I think it’s cool that no one really knows what I do every day. It’s almost like living another life,” Zaziski said.
Whether inside or outside of school, these athletes are an important part of Crusader Nation.