A good season with great TV shows

Zach Gregarek ‘14


“I love ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas special. It gives me something to look forward to throughout the day, and watching Christmas movies always puts me in a good mood,” said Sydni Bollitier ‘14.
Many look forward to holiday TV specials simply because it puts them in the holiday spirit and the specials are only on once a year. ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas is one of the most popular features on during the month of December.
Every night for the 25 days of December leading up to Christmas day, ABC Family broadcasts a variety of Christmas movies for viewers to enjoy. ABC Family shows many different movies including the “Home Alone” series, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” all of the “Santa Clause” films and even some classics like “Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish.”
“My favorite Christmas movie would have to be ‘Elf’ or ‘The Santa Clause’ series with Tim Allen,” said Marc Schwartz ’16. “I’ve watched ‘Elf’ every year for at least the last five or six years and I like the ‘Santa Clauses’ because Tim Allen is really funny and I think he plays a good part as Santa.”
“’A Christmas Story’ is my all-time favorite Christmas movie, it’s a classic and it’s really funny,” said Mike Vennard ‘14.
In 2007, the first week that the Christmas movies were shown 2.3 million viewers watched; by 2012, the opening week caught even more viewers’ eyes than in previous years by quite a bit. According to Wikipedia, on December 2, 2012, the movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” was the most- watched program in the history of the special with around 5.4 million people watching from home.
Since first starting the special in 1997, ratings continue to improve. Starting in 2007, ABC Family even started a 25-day countdown to the actual 25 Days of Christmas special.
“I like that ABC Family extended the countdown into November; it puts everyone in the Christmas spirit before December even starts!” said Taylor Bruett ’16.
Every year, ABC Family continues to show the older Christmas movies as well as newer movies that have been produced. The viewer count is in the millions and continues to grow year after year due to the great shows and movies that are only broadcast for a few months out of the entire year.
“I look forward to the 25 days of Christmas every year,” said Duncan Nichols ’15.