Old man winter is here!

Justin Graham ‘14


As days begin to feel shorter, and snow begins to fall, winter is finally present. From snowball fights to snow angels, there’s a range of activities to do. After spending so much time outside, it’s a perfect idea to go inside and drink some hot chocolate.
“I honestly love winter so much. Snowboarding, hot chocolate, and no school, it’s perfect,” said Jake Chattinger ’14.
This time of year is a favorite for many: Being with family, walking to the Christmas tree to see what presents await, and best of all, sleeping in all the time. It’s a beautiful time of year, but also has a negative side.
“I don’t enjoy winter because I hate all of the snow and how cold it is. There’s also not much to do outside for me to enjoy,” said Chelsey Quinn ’15.
For many, the best part of the snow falling down is that it means the water is freezing. The lakes and ponds begin to freeze over and many people begin to go ice skating and play hockey.
“I can’t wait to pick up my twig and go shoot some pucks with my buddies. This is my favorite time of year,” said Tyler Creagh ’14.
So grab some gloves and make some hot chocolate because there’s snow on the way.