Art students make a mark

Several bring home Scholastics awards in annual competition


Paige Zaziski ‘14
Photo Editor


Taking a peek in the halls of LCN, it’s easy to pick out who does what and who talks to whom. But who are those talented artists?
Just recently, the Scholastics competition for art and photography took place. Seventeen students from LCN won awards: Gold Key being the best, Silver Key is second best, and honorable mention being third best. There were six gold key winners, six silver key winners, and 11 honorable mentions.
Among these students, Rachel Smith ’15 received top honors for a water color painting in the Scholastic Art Awards. She won the American Vision Award for her painting.
“I think it was really cool to get it because I want to pursue an art career, and it made me realize that it’s possible and I could be a successful part of the art community,” Smith said.
Art teacher Jennifer Duffield had nothing but praise for Smith. In Duffield’s 22 years of teaching, Smith falls in the top five of all the students she’s worked with, she said.
“I’ve known Rachel since she was in sixth grade at Middle School – North. Even back then, she had artistic talent. She just keeps getting better and better,” Duffield said.
Danny Orr ’14 was another student who participated in the competition. One of his pieces included a picture of a soldier.
“I saw a picture of my grandpa who was in the navy and it inspired me to paint something that represented our soldiers,” Orr said.
Feeling very honored, Orr received a gold key and an honorable mention award for two different paintings.
In photography, Christina Saleh participated as well with a two-dimensional photo.
Rob Melling, photo teacher, said, “She did a great job as a junior and she is currently getting ready for her senior year portfolio.”
One gold key and the College for Creative Studies best in category were the awards Elizabeth Zaccagnini ’14 won. She entered three pieces in the competition.
“I felt really accomplished that all my hard work paid off. I was able to receive scholarship from CCS and I am blessed to have received this award,” said Zaccagnini.
Another student, Nathan Yurik ’14, made a painting for scholastics. This painting was of an old man, and it was called “in the footsteps of the masters.”
Yurik said, “I just have always liked it, nothing really inspired me. And my paintings have many meanings but they are just something I enjoy doing.”
Congratulations to the students that participated. LCN’s art department is filled with such great talent.


Scholastic Art Winners

Lauryn Birrell, Silver Key, Painting
Courtney Dunford, Silver Key, Mixed Media
Nathan Featherstone, Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass
Jocelyn Frasard, Gold Key, Painting
Jocelyn Frasard, Gold Key, Printmaking
Kara Hart, Gold Key, Ceramics & Glass
Jenna Helsing, Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass
Jessica King, Gold Key, Mixed Media
Jessica King, Silver Key, Drawing
Edmund Kirt, Honorable Mention, Painting
Edmund Kirt Honorable Mention, Drawing
Abigail Laporte, Honorable Mention, Ceramics & Glass
Rachel Malone, Honorable Mention, Jewelry
Miranda Oleksiak, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass
Daniel Orr, Gold Key, Painting
Daniel Orr, Honorable Mention, Painting
Rachel Prvulov, Honorable Mention, Painting
Christina Saleh, Silver Key, Photography
Rachel Smith, Gold Key, Painting
Rachel Smith, Honorable Mention, Painting
Rachel Smith, Honorable Mention, Painting
Cali Tumminello, Silver Key, Ceramics & Glass
Nathan Yurik, Honorable Mention, Painting