Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Zach Gregarek ‘14


First appearing in the Winter Olympics in the year 1924, curling is a game played on ice. The objective of the game is to get a stone weighing 19.96 kilograms as close as possible to a circle target called the “house.” The closer the stone is to the house, the better the score will be. Two teams of five players face off in this event, with each team delivering eight stones each. Once all 16 stones have been played, a score is determined and a winner is chosen.
A broom is used to help guide the stone down the sheet of ice. By brushing the ice, a light layer of water is formed to help the stone slide easier. To go along with the broom, special shoes are used as well. One shoe has a sole made of Teflon or steel which is very slippery, while the other shoe has a rubber sole that provides great traction on the ice.
The stone is also an important piece of equipment used to play this game. Curling stones are usually made in Scotland and are made of very rare granite. Stones are in the shape of a circle and polished to look nice.
The USA men’s team was coached by Tim Muller, while the women’s team was coached by Bill Todhunter. Neither team made the medal rounds at Sochi.
According to, curling was made an official Olympic sport in 1998 after being accepted by the International Olympic Committee.