Kickin’ it Old School

Bre Previdi ‘14
Business Manager

Teenagers often listen to their parents describe their high school life and how it was completely different compared to high school now. The rules, restrictions, and all around guidelines have changed dramatically since they were growing up. On average, parents with children currently in high school grew up in the famous pop decade, the ‘80s.
Not only did the ‘80s involve the rise of pop music and the clothing style that is rapidly coming back, but it also contained several films that help make this decade well known. The famous “Sixteen Candles,” “The Breakfast Club,” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” are all movies that many people admire today because several teens can relate to things that happen within the movies.
These popular classics of the time period revolve around high school and its complexities and can sometimes show similarities and differences between movies then and movies now.
“The biggest similarity between ‘80s movies and movies now is the many different social groups and cliques,” Sarah Cranford ’14 said. “You’re always going to find the jocks, the preps, and the nerds. Every time anyone walks through the hallways he/she can find distinct groups of people with common interests, just like in ‘The Breakfast Club.’”
Although ‘80s movies show the same types of cliques within high school and how they all act towards each other, they do not always correlate with recent high school experiences.
“The ‘80s high school movies lied about how current high school is; the current high school movies show how it really is. They made kids out to be much more innocent than they actually were [in ‘80s movies],’ Logan Kitchens ’15 said.
Eighties movies portray delinquent teenagers that do not get in trouble as much as teens nowadays. Some of the things that are portrayed in ‘80s movies are carried throughout the years, but sometimes handled differently now than if it were to be handled back then.
“A similar trait that each decade of movies has is the use of drugs. Although movies back then had drug use, the amount of pronunciation on it was not nearly as bad as movies now,” Abby LaPorte ’14 said.
Comparing the ‘80s to the present, not only did the movies change, but the times also changed. As LaPorte said, many things from the different movies can be the same, but the boldness of the topics have definitely grown throughout the years.
Recent films based on teenagers and their high school lives, such as “Super Bad,” “21 Jump Street,” or “Project X,” are all extremely raunchy and explicit. The amount of drug and alcohol use is way higher than it would be in an ‘80s movie. Eighties movie still showed such activities, but it was not anywhere close to the amount depicted today.
Within a roughly 30-year time span, technology enhanced, poor mindsets were created, and bad decision-making grew worse. Older movies had teenagers that made poor decisions just as much as movies now, but the encouragement or peer pressure from other kids is far more serious than it used to be. Comparing ‘80s movies to recent movies, some things never changed in high school, and other things changed drastically, and not for the better.