LCN TEA PARTY in room 204

Lindsey Klos ‘16
Guest Writer


“Come meet people and expand your horizons, deliciously!” said L’Anse Creuse North German teacher Caroline Nagle.
Tea drinking can make up rituals and be the basis for some celebrations and traditions in certain cultures. It is just the fact that people have been drinking the delicious beverage since the ancient eras that makes drinking tea a tradition. Even though hot tea is not as popular and traditional in the United States as it is in many other parts of the world, it does not mean that Americans enjoy tea any less. Just ask the newly formed LCN Tea Club.
“It started this year in October. There was a German 4 coffee, cake, and tea day, which made people interested in learning more about tea. We came up with the idea to start a tea club. Sophomores Khanan Bodley and Vittorio Cracchiolo really lead it,” said Nagle.
The Tea Club meets every Tuesday in room 204 for about an hour. The students are persuaded to bring their own tea cups or coffee mugs. The club celebrates the timeless tradition of drinking various teas, or hot chocolate, while enjoying each other’s company.
“So far we’ve had a bunch of different kinds. We’ve had loose-leaf tea, blooming tea, herbal tea, earl gray, and more that are popular around the world,” said Nagle.
The club tries a new tea every week. Some teas have alternate uses, and in many cultures are believed to have healing powers. But nonetheless, the Tea Club tries them all!
The main focus of Tea Club is, “To experience different cultures and traditions around the world through drinking tea,” said Nagle.
Nagle tries to offer a wide array of teas from every culture around the world each week. Also, trying a new type of tea every week really does build one’s knowledge, as well as their palette. Is Teavana hiring?
“I have enjoyed drinking tea and then in college, I lived with a couple people who were really into tea as well. We went to a lot of tea stores in Ann Arbor where I went to school, so we learned by going to the store and talking to the shop owners and stuff like that,” said Nagle about how she acquired her vast background on the steamy beverage.
Nagle is the perfect person to run the club, making sure that students are having fun and learning new things every Tuesday aside from teaching her regular German classes.
Just ask the students: Tea Club is a blast!
“People will gain a new experience and be able to try different teas,” said sophomore Jordan Hudy, a frequent Tea Club attendee.
Dennis Keena ‘16 thinks “…students will gain friends through the ancient power of tea.”
“I think they’ll have fun drinking the tea and I think they’ll learn a lot about the world and why tea is valued by so many cultures, and have fun making friends,” said Nagle.
So the next time you have a sore throat, are stranded after school, or just want to get cozy, listen to indie music, and sip a warm cup of tea, you know when and where to find the Tea Club!
Follow the Tea Club on Twitter for updates: @LCNTeaClub.