“Pretty Little Liars” is fantastic And that’s no lie

Hayley Tomich ‘14
Opinions editor


Lies, betrayal, mystery, gossip and murder are all key aspects of the hit ABC Family series “Pretty Little Liars.”
The show takes place in a town named Rosewood and follows a group of four girls who all have one thing in common: Alison DiLaurentis. Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields were all best friends with Alison, who was mysteriously murdered during one of the girls’ sleepovers.
“Pretty Little Liars” stars Sasha Pieterse as Alison, Troian Bellisario as Spencer, Lucy Hale as Aria, Ashley Benson as Hanna and Shay Mitchell as Emily. The actors do an excellent job portraying the characters of best friends with a dead best friend.
The show first premiered on June 8, 2011, and is now in the middle of the second half of season four. The show is also loosely based off of the book series by Sara Shepard. Although many of the characters are similar, if not the same, the plot is somewhat different and many aspects of the show stray from the ideas in the books.
The show’s main plot is that the Liars (Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily) are blackmailed by a mysterious source named “A.” “A” knows all of the Liars’ secrets that only their dead friend Ali knew. The show follows the girls as they try to discover who “A” is and who really murdered their best friend.
Although “A” was revealed in the season two finale to be Mona, a classmate of the Liars, “A” is back again. The return of “A” kept viewers on their toes and itching to know more. This makes for a very hectic and gripping plot line. There is never a lack of suspense or surprise which can make for either very good or very bad reviews. The number of surprises can be confusing to some viewers, along with the increased number of characters. It seems as if a new character joins the show every other episode, which can be frustrating to some.
SPOILER: In the mid-season 4 finale, “A” was revealed to be Ezra Fitz, English teacher at Rosewood High and on and off again boyfriend to Aria. This came not only as a surprise but was quite disappointing for some fans. The reveal of “A” seemed random and not planned out well enough. It was as if the writers of the show chose a random character to be “A.”
The mystery and suspense of the show definitely draw viewers in. Many teenage girls look up to the Liars, their fashion sense, as well as their moral and ethical choices throughout the show. “Pretty Little Liars” is a thrilling addition to night-time television and has a promising fan base.
The show airs every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. I would rate “Pretty Little Liars” four stars out of five. I would also recommend this show to anyone who is looking for excitement, romance and suspense.