See it before it’s ogre. . .

Drama Club performs
“Shrek the Musical”

Spencer Palm ‘14
Guest Writer

In the last few years, the LCN Drama Club has been taken over by greasers, a singing candelabra, vaudeville dancers, and a smooth-talking con man. This year it will be taken over by a talking donkey and an angry ogre.
The drama club chose to put on “Shrek the Musical.” It is based on the 2001 film “Shrek.”
“I saw a big sign advertising ‘Shrek the Musical’ that another school was putting on. I didn’t know that the rights were available yet! I knew then that I wanted to direct the show and try something new,” said Michael Kaufman, the director of the show.
This year, the audition process changed a little bit.
“Usually, they have us go into the audition room and sing part of a song from the show and then read a short monologue for only the people casting the show. This year, each person had to sing part of a song from the musical, and the next day we all performed a short scene from the show. But this year it was in front of Mr. Kaufman, Mrs. Evey Simon (the music director), and everyone else who was auditioning. It was different than previous years, but it made the auditions go much quicker,” said Bre Previdi ’14.
After a rigorous audition and callback process, Kaufman and Simon finally had the cast list. Noah Mattocks ’14 was cast as Shrek, Logan Palm ’16 was cast as the fast-talking Donkey, Marisa Nahas ’16 was cast as Princess Fiona, and Logan Kitchens ’15 got the role of Lord Farquaad.
“I wanted to do ‘Shrek’ because it seemed like a fun show and it is my senior year,” said Mattocks, who is a theatre veteran.
In the LCN Drama Club, he has played Harold Hill in “The Music Man,” and he was Beast in “Beauty and the Beast.” As a part of Pankow Performing Arts, he played Jigger in “Carousel” and Evan in “13 the Musical.” He has also been in “Les Miserables” at Stagecrafters in Royal Oak.
“I wanted to do ‘Shrek’ because I love performing and singing on stage and being in ‘Shrek’ gives me the perfect opportunity to do that,” said Palm, also a theatre kid.
Only a sophomore, this is the fifth show of his high school career. This is his second show with LCN Drama Club after playing the conductor in “The Music Man” last year.
This show has a ton of original music and makes watching “Shrek” even more enjoyable than it was watching it on the big screen. All of the humor from the original film still rings throughout this musical, and it is also full of heart.
The production surely will impress the audience with its talented cast, witty jokes, and beautiful songs.
The show opens tonight, February 28, and continues on Saturday, March 1 at the John Armstrong Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m. The tickets cost $8 for students and $10 for adults.