Athletes of the month

Adrianna Sputa ‘15
Online Editor


Mike Srbinovich

Wrestler Mike Srbinovich ‘14 has placed at every tournament and currently has a record of 40-5. This is his last wrestling season at LCN and he is making sure to leave his mark on this team.
Srbinovich has had many accomplishments this season thus far, and there is more in store for this young athlete.
“I didn’t expect to get my 100 wins this season. I always wanted to and just kept pushing myself in the wrestling room to be the best I could be to get it,” said Srbinovich.
Srbinovich has a great team to back him up also, with many who look up to him.
“I hope that me and some of the underclassmen can get our 100 wins and ultimately place at states. I think that Mikey shows us that hard work pays off,” said Barry Yung ‘16.
Srbinovich not only has support from his teammates but also from his family.
“My biggest support, without a doubt, is my dad. He is at every meet and tournament pushing me to do my best and is proud of me no matter what,” said Srbinovich. “Also my coach, Eric Maniaci, has always been there and practiced with me and made me the wrestler I am today.”
Srbinovich has been a great leader for this team, and has really worked hard to get where he is today. For his hard work, he was named MAC Champion.
“Mikey is the role model for this team and everyone hopes to make it as far as he has,” said Kyle Evans ’15.
For many reasons, Srbinovich deserves the title of Athlete of the Month.


Senior Mike Srbinovich accumulated 100 wins on the Varsity Wrestling Team.

Senior Mike Srbinovich accumulated 100 wins on the Varsity Wrestling Team..


Mya Oleksiak
Freshman Mya Oleksiak has what it takes. She is the youngest on the Girls Varsity Basketball Team, but she is one of the top scorers on the team.
“Mya is the second leading scorer which is really impressive for her being a freshman,” said Varsity Basketball Coach Bob Johnston.
“I think Mya has helped the team a lot,” said teammate Des Brown ’15.
The team has seven returning players from last year, making Oleksiak one of the very few new players on the team. Oleksiak and the team practice minimum of four days a week alongside of having a normal two-game week. This hard work has paid off for young Oleksiak, though, giving her one of the five starting positions in the line-up.
“We have a new statistic this season, efficiency rating,” said Coach Johnston. Efficiency rating is how efficient the player is as it relates to other statistics.
“So as a player on the varsity team, her efficiency rating is the third highest on the team. That itself is quite impressive, it’s hard enough coming to a new school, and fitting in, but to come onto this team and be this great statistically is good,” said Coach Johnston, “Mya has done a good job this season.”
Also in the starting line-up is Oleksiak’s sister, Miranda, a junior.
“I’m very proud of my sister. It’s been a pleasure watching her grow as a player and it’s been exciting getting to play with her again. She has a bright future ahead of her on the basketball court,” said Miranda.
The bond the team has made as a whole has really shined through. The girls try to create this bond in practice, but also outside of school.
Mya Oleksiak has really has stepped up and has made a mark in the program this season and that is why she is athlete of the month.

As a freshman, Mya Oleksiak earned a position in the starting lineup for Varsity Basketball.

As a freshman, Mya Oleksiak earned a position in the starting lineup for Varsity Basketball.