Girl Code-Guy Code

We asked four boys and four girls on The North Star Staff whether they think that girls have a harder time getting ready than guys do.

Whose appearance takes  longer to achieve? 


Hannah Shier

Opinions editor

Boys have it easier than girls. Plain and simple. How often do you see a teenage boy worrying about what his hair and outfit looks like? Not a whole lot. Look at the special occasions we have ahead of us, such as prom and our wedding! All the boys have to do is pick out a nice tux, shave and find the nerve to ask the girls.
Girls, on the other hand, have plenty to be stressing and freaking out about including: hair, makeup, dress, shoes, nails, tan, etc. Whose list is shorter? That’s right, the BOYS! To me it’s not fair that boys get to be relaxed; meanwhile, their soon-to-be bride is having a mental breakdown at the church because her eyeliner is smudged!
When I was little, I was always told “look how pretty you are!” While my boy cousin was told “look how smart you are! How’s football going? You’re going to be quite the athlete.” What if I wanted to be smart and good at sports? What I’m trying to say is-still to this day and age-girls are treated differently because they were brainwashed at a young age that image is everything. We were basically told that we have to look perfect while the boys get a free pass.
Even though some guys do care about image more than others, girls are usually the ones having a fuss over their face. I know it can be a bit over the top, but guys need to cut us some slack and not have such an attitude when we ask if we look okay. Because truthfully, we are only dressing to make ourselves feel good and so that the boys look like a big shot with a nice piece of arm candy.


Jessie DiBattista

Copy editor

Alright listen up, everyone! It has come to my attention that some humans of the male gender say that girls and guys have it equally difficult when getting ready in the morning. I SAY NAY! Makeup, hair, jeans, sweaters, hair, sweatpants, hair, shoes, hair are all complicated components of making a girl’s outfit unique, and, let’s be real here, we all want to be one-of-a-kind. So all you guys out there who feel that girls do not have it bad… YOU’RE WRONG!
But at the end of the day, let’s be real here, and just say that we all have it difficult because we have to wake up at the break of freakin’ dawn. So let’s look at the big picture and try to get this whole 7:11 thing pushed back later because I think we would all be a little bit more cheery in the morning.


Maegan  Donajkowski


Guys constantly complain about the amount of time that it takes girls to get ready to go out, but they have NO idea the amount of work that girls put into getting ready. There is so much that has to be done; it’s ridiculous. Girls have to do their hair, which takes at least a half hour. Then, they have to do their makeup, which has to be absolutely perfect or they have to start over. Worst of all, girls have to pick out an outfit to wear. This is why it takes girls forever to get ready. It takes at least a solid four outfit changes until a girl can decide on what to wear.
All a boy has to do is get dressed, and he doesn’t put as much thought into that as girls do. He might have to spike his hair, but how long does that take? Five minutes? Girls definitely get the short end of the stick when it comes to getting ready.


Dakota Phillips

News Editor

There are many stereotypes when it comes to teenagers in today’s society. A big one is if it takes more effort for girls to get ready than it takes for guys. I think this holds to be true because there is more pressure on girls. Girls are usually expected to always look presentable with their hair done and make up on. Guys don’t have to take as much time to manage their hair or take the time to put on makeup in the morning. Obviously, it is not a requirement for girls to always do their makeup, but lots of teenage girls today are very insecure, so they feel the need to wear makeup to feel more confident. But, guys also have to make an effort when getting ready, because most girls do not like a total slob. I think both guys and girls have to put effort into getting ready, but I do think girls have to put in more effort.


Justin Graham


Getting ready in the morning isn’t a difficult task. Girls only need to put on a North Face, Uggs, and a pair of leggings. How can it take a girl that long to get ready? Well, men may never know.
Pulling up into your girlfriend’s driveway and having to wait for 10 minutes is something every guy looks forward to. There’s no decent reason for a girl to take so long to get ready. Showering, doing your hair, makeup, and getting dressed doesn’t take an eternity.
The fact of the matter is: girls take longer than guys to get ready, even though there is no reason for it to take so long.
On the contrary, there may be a time when it takes a guy longer to get ready to go. For instance, when a girl took a shower the night before, or if the girl isn’t doing her hair and makeup, that’s when it’ll actually take a guy longer.
Girls will always try to argue the fact but what’s true is true. There’s no logical reason a girl could come up with for guys to take longer.


Nick Piwko


The one thing guys absolutely hate about girls is that they take so long to get ready. Guys just need maybe 30 minutes to get ready and look nice. It’s way different for girls. They do way too much to get ready and it just takes too long. Girls have to do their hair and pick out the clothes that they want to wear for the day. It is very easy for guys; half the time we don’t care what we end up looking like. It just doesn’t bother us as much as it does for girls. I feel bad for women that have to take a long time to get ready. It must be a pain to care so much about what you look like every time you go out. Taking a long time for girls is also stereotypical; a lot of girls only take 30 minutes, just like some guys take hours to get ready, too.


Kyle Deriemacker

Sports Editor

“Getting ready,” or preparing to go somewhere, is a large aspect of the average teenager’s life. Both guys and girls take time to look good and whatnot, but girls take a heck-of-a-lot longer to prepare than guys. Girls care more about being judged than guys; therefore, girls take extra time to make sure their hair looks good and their loads of makeup looks good. The only thing guys may take time to do is their hair because some guys like to dry it and style it, but other than that, guys do not take time to do anything else. Girls tend to overdo many things when it comes to getting ready. They take a ton of time to decide on what to wear and they take forever to put on makeup and other accessories. Girls definitely take way more time to prepare than guys.


Zach Gregarek


Getting ready for school at 6 a.m. can be such a tedious process. Some students tend to wear sweats to school and “bum it” and choose to be comfortable over others who wear jeans every day. Some think guys take longer to get ready, while some think girls take longer. I personally think girls take longer than guys to get ready. Girls have so much stuff to do in the morning, such as hair and makeup. Girls have longer hair than guys do, which means it will take longer to dry than guys’ hair. Also, girls have to take the time to put on all of their makeup, while guys don’t have to worry about that. All guys really have to do after showering is put some clothes on and brush their teeth.
On the other hand, if a girl doesn’t feel like getting ready on a certain day, she can be ready just as fast as any guy can be. Makeup and tending to the long hair is what takes up the majority of the time, so if a girl decides not to do any of that in the morning, she can be ready in five minutes.
It all depends on the person and how they are feeling that day and if they are fully getting ready or not.