LCN Wrestling: Hitting the mats

Nick Piwko ‘14


Wrestling creates a brotherhood and builds character. It shows how much determination they have to be the best players they can be. Wrestling is one of the hardest sports and should never be taken for granted. Not eating for days just to make weight is probably the hardest part. When a wrestler can only have a granola bar all day, finding the energy to wrestle the kid across the mat from him can be a challenge.
“It’s pretty hard. Cutting weight is a big part of wrestling. James Chacon [‘14] had to cut 10 pounds in two days and he looked like he was sick but he worked hard to get his weight so he could wrestle in the 125 weight class at districts. People may think we are crazy but if you lose weight, you will wrestle a smaller kid and it’s all about match-ups. The worst part is not going home after practice and eating everything in sight,” said Tyler Valentine 14.
The season started off slowly but the team worked hard to try to make it with what they have. A lot of returning seniors came back.
“We have a lot of seniors on our team but also a lot of sophomores. The seniors help the underclassmen and work with them to be better so the program will be good when we leave. To be honest, I didn’t think we were going to be good as a team but individually we had some great wrestlers in different weight classes. We did better than I thought overall and it was a great season,” Mason Thomas ‘14 said.
Coming out of LCN this year is one of the best wrestlers in years: Mike Srbinovich ’14. Srbinovich has broken many school records.
“Mikey was insane this season. He is a great wrestler and a great teammate. That is why he is the captain of the team. He is a born leader. He has more than 100 wins. I love watching him because he is very entertaining. You’ll never know what move he pulls out next,” Robert Nicolai ‘15 said.
It is always good to make goals for wrestling; it sets a bar to aim for having high goals to make the team achieve bigger things. With wrestling, it is more about individual achievements but winning the match helps the team.
“I have set so many goals for myself; some are a little over realistic to reach. That’s the point, though; I give myself really high goals so I can get better. The goal for the team is to win the tournament that we go to and to look good and go far in states. If you win your match, it benefits the team so everyone pushes each other to their limits because we want to be the best in Macomb,” said Srbinovich.
The team was eliminated from Districts by Anchor Bay; however, Srbinovich advanced to individual regionals.
However, he was eliminated from the Regional Individual Tournament during the week of February 18 to end the wrestling season.