1 in 2000: Joey Hellner

Jessica DiBattista ‘14
Copy Editor


Pen and paper hold the words of a creative mind. As thoughts pour, lyrics flow into the blue spaces of spiral notebook paper, creating a piece of art with words.
LCN is the home of over 1,800 kids all carrying certain talents; however, one of the most mysterious to walk the halls of LCN is Joey Hellner ’14, who provides laughs to many of his friends with his chip off the shoulder attitude and creative rhymes.
“I like making people laugh, and writing raps is just something I like to do in my free time,” Hellner said.
When asked about how long he has been rapping, Hellner responded,“Basically in the womb, there is really no question about it.”
To Hellner and his friends, writing raps is a fun joke; to his friends, Hellner’s rap name is JOPE (Joey & Dope).
“We even have a Twitter page where everyone comes up with raps, and JOPE (Hellner) is always the one that comes up with the best raps, and has us laughing,” Derrick Croce ’14 said.
Not only is Hellner a creative rapper, but also he has a very funny sense of humor.
“I sit next to Joey in my English class and I can’t help but laugh whenever he cracks jokes,” Carson Janssen ’14 said.
“Joey is one of the funniest kids I have ever met and I swear one day this kid will be famous,” Bruce Williams ’14 said.
Even though Hellner’s friends think he is a hilarious aspiring rapper, he sees himself as just a regular guy.
“Even though many of my friends see me as a rapper,” Hellner said, “I plan on going to an art college after high school, nothing special.”
Even though Hellner does not have an album or a mix tape, he raps to relieve stress and bring laughs to others.
As many roam the halls of LCN, one to look out for is Joey Hellner, who brings laughs and raps to the students of this school.DSC00025gfhjgfjgh