Camo, boots and dogtags

Paige Zaziski ‘14
Photo Editor


After graduating from high school, many students move on to college, get a job, or just do nothing.  What about those few brave students looking for something beyond that?
The decision for these young adults to join the military is not for everybody and requires courage. For some, it has been a lifetime goal and aspiration.
Nathan Yurik ’14 has already sworn into the U.S. Navy and is waiting for his ship date in August.
Yurik said, “It makes me feel good.  I like to know that I will be doing something good every single day I go to work.”
Yurik chose the navy because it was the only branch that guaranteed his job in contract and it had the best job opportunities, he said.
Yurik said, “I hope to accomplish as much as I possibly can in the four years and see if I want to re-enlist or get out or pursue another career.”
Yurik’s family has been very supportive about his decision to start a new chapter in his life, he said.
Women from LCN are also directing their futures to the military as well. Among these brave women is Jimazha Hatchett ’14.
She is not yet officially sworn in, but Hatchett is on her way to becoming a marine.
Hatchett said, “I want to do this because I want to serve my country and explore the world.  I’m excited because of the great opportunities and I love my country.”
Another female military-bound student is Jasmine Vedua ’14, who was accepted into the Naval Academy. She first applied because she was interested in traveling the world and believed that excitement would be added to her life. She eventually realized there was a different reason.
Vedua said, “After visiting the Naval Academy, I wanted to surround myself with people who were as equally driven and hard-working as I am.”
Vedua plans on expanding her service beyond America to other countries like the Philippines.
Vedua said, “Being able to serve my country gives me a sense of self-fulfillment. It makes me very happy because in the end I will be helping millions of people, which I love to do.”
Brian Dick ’14 will be joining the army.  First, he wanted to be a pilot, but then he realized his passion was to help people on the ground.
Dick said, “I don’t have a fear of dying. I think dying for something is better than dying for nothing. Three years ago, I was more excited and ready, but as I become closer, I feel more afraid.”
However, Dick is very excited that after waiting all of these years, he is finally going to do something that he has wanted to do.
Dick said, “My mom says all the time that she is going to break my legs so I can’t go.”
But with his family he has support and encouragement.  Dick’s father was in the navy, and wanted him to join.
Another student, Jake Carriveau ’14, was just recently sworn into United States Marines.
Carriveau said, “It makes me proud knowing I’m doing this for my country.  I don’t want to be thought of as a hero or anything, though.”
He claimed he chose to be a marine due to the rarity.
Carriveau said, “Less than one percent of the population can say they are a marine, and I think it would be a humbling opportunity to be a part of that.”
Carriveau has good family support, other than the fact that his mother is worried about him going. Carriveau is eager to travel the country and world.  His only fear is boot camp.
Students of LCN joining the military have tremendous amounts of bravery and should be commended for their desire to do something so great for the country.