Seniors take the runway in the Wesner Show

Hannah Shier ‘14
Opinions Editor


Since 1999, a variety of seniors from different high schools have been dressed to impress in the popular Wesner Tuxedo fashion show. These hand-picked models range from band and choir members to Student Council presidents to art fanatics to homecoming kings and queens to all-state athletes. All the handsome, young gents look ever so dashing in custom-fit Wesner tuxedos to match their lovely escorts. The beautiful young ladies are dressed in various ball gowns that they own. The whole night and experience is magical and memorable as the seniors get to meet other seniors from different schools and have the time of their life only for one night.
The show opens up with a lively group musical number put on by a handful of chosen drama students. From then on the show gets going with the modeling. Each boy has an escort, and they are introduced one by one or separately. Owner Daniel Wesner himself is on stage with the models listing their personal academic and extra-curricular activities and accomplishments.
“We take the best-of-the-best students at the end of their senior year and put them on a stage to honor them for going above and beyond to make a difference in their school. We also honor and acknowledge them for all the extra things they do to make their school a little bit better place to go,” Wesner said.
Outstanding seniors such as Adam Acker, Connor Carbary, Kayla Cardeccia, Alexis Carlson, Frank DeVos, Shannon Donahue, Courtney Dunford, Amanda Falkenhagen, Nicholas Figueras, Haley Holeton, Hannah Holeton, Carson Janssen, Sean Koski, Kendal McBurrows, Katy Nelson, Deiontae Nicholas, Daniel Orr, Alexis Pallis, Breanna Previdi, Keegan Roth, Hannah Shier, Tyler Sirut, Ryan Sohns, Haley Wilson and Tristan Zabicki were specifically chosen to participate shows that began this month. They will all be introduced by Wesner.
After all the models are introduced from that section, they then will do “fast modeling” which is always one of the favorite things to do during the night. The models that are paired up will walk fast to the end of the stage and then do something creative and funny. This is more of the laid back part of the show because the models have complete freedom as to what they want to do.
Kasie Lashley ’13, a Wesner model from the 2013 show, said this was one of her favorite things to do.
“I had a lot of fun fast modeling. My escort and I did a little short dance routine. It was embarrassing because I had just met him that day, but we had so much fun doing it in front of all our family and friends that we didn’t care. The whole night was just an awesome experience and since I was a model, I got a model pass so I would be able to watch all my friends in their shows on their nights,” Lashley said.
Another fun activity some of the models get to participate in is the Game Show. This is when three pairs of models, like two best girl friends, two best guy friends or a boyfriend and girlfriend, are asked questions on how well they know one another. This game is sometimes called the “newlywed game.” One of the two will sit with two other people from the other pairs on stage and be asked questions. The other person that they were paired up with will be back stage and unable to hear their answers. Wesner said this is a crowd favorite and something everyone enjoys.
After the game show, there is a solo musical number. Then more models in the show are introduced and then do fast modeling again.
There are six shows spread out over two weekends, including Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights starting March 14. There are 23 different schools involved and over 450 students were invited to join in on the show. The show is hosted at Henry Ford High School Auditorium. Tickets are sold at door for $20.
One of those lucky students, McBurrows, is very excited to strut his stuff all over the stage.
“I know it’s going to be a good time. I get to meet new people from schools all over the area and look suave while doing it. Those girls don’t know what’s coming for them,” McBurrows said.
The Wesner Tuxedo show is a much anticipated event for obvious reasons. Noteworthy students are honored in front of their peers and parents. This show is a tradition that will hopefully last another 15 years and then some.