Sky Zone appeals to all age groups

Sammi Pleiness ‘14
Cover editor
Sitting in school for five days a week and for about seven hours each day can be really frustrating sometimes and students may need to just let loose after school. Well, here is the perfect spot to do so: Sky Zone. Sky Zone is located in Shelby Township and it is basically just a huge indoor trampoline space. There are plenty of things to do there, such as basketball, also known as ‘SkySlam,’ SkyRobics fitness classes, foam pits, and even 3-D dodge-ball tournaments.
“I have never been to Sky Zone yet, but it is definitely on my bucket list. The environment just seems so lively and fun,” said Winston Pearce ’14.
Some people may think that this facility or this kind of atmosphere is aimed towards younger kids, but it’s not.
“I think Sky Zone is a fun place for everyone. I think it is fun for both younger kids and teenagers. Me and my friends had a lot of fun when we went there,” said Katie McBryar ’14.
After talking to students about the new hot spot, some of the people are a little concerned about how safe the area is and if it is easy to get injured. First off, if a person is not 18 years or older, he/she must have a waiver signed by their parents in order to join all the fun. Secondly, don’t let the high jumps and big trampolines fool you. It is an incredibly fun and safe environment.
“I love working here at Sky Zone. Everyone that works here is super nice, and it’s a super safe area. I’ve only known about one kid that got injured, but it was nothing serious,” said Kylie Chianese ’14.
Price is not an issue when it comes to Sky Zone. For 30 minutes of jump time, it’s only $10 and for double the time, it’s $14.
Come join all the fun that everyone is talking about. You won’t regret it. If you have any questions about Sky Zone, call (586) 930-0600.