STEP IT UP, North style

Nick Piwko ‘14


LCN has a new team that gained the attention of everyone at the high school; the Step Team.
The Step Team is lead by senior Kevin Martin ‘14.
Stepping is a percussive dance which uses the whole body to make different sounds. The leader yells like a military drill sergeant and the dancers respond with a beat by stepping. When seeing people step, it is usually in a group of people of three or more but can be done with one person.
“I was the step leader. Basically I just make the beat and showed them what the steps are. I choreographed the dance. I picked and easy one to teach and learn because we had limited time and people. We had at first 20 people, by the end we only had seven,” said Martin.
With stepping, the team has to be in rhythm with everyone that is dancing. If one person is off beat then the whole dance can sound and look bad. So it is important to focus and learn the right steps and hand gestures.
“I made sure we started off slow and easy. I would like to start a team and go to competitions with other schools. Even when I graduate, I will come back to coach the Step Team. I think it would be a great way for kids to express themselves in a fun way,” Martin said.
The LCN Step Team did its first performance during a Black History Month assembly on February 25. They performed a step choreographed by Step Master Martin and Desyrae Brown ‘15.
“Performing in front of all my classmates was very nerve-racking. All I can think about was not messing up and making myself look dumb. I think I was more nervous about this than I have ever been with anything I have ever done. I was glad when it was over and we all did great. It was a good feeling when everyone was into it,” said Brown.
Stepping has appeared in other dances and sports as well. Gymnastics, break dance and tap dance all have used of step choreography. The speed of step all depends on how the step master wants it. Some steps use props like canes, sticks and occasionally, fire.
“I would love to be on a step team that would use props! I think it would be so much fun. I don’t know how long it would take me to get the hang of it but I guess that depends on what the prop is,” said Brown.
Since the 1920’s, step has changed the way people view dances and it is a good and fun way to express yourself.
“When I was watching the Step Team, I was getting into it. It was really cool and fun to just watch. They made every one want to get up and dance,” said Jenna Haddad ‘15.
The Step Team will perform again later this year but the dates are not set. The team plans on having more step dances to show LCN.