Students look forward to spring break

Abigail Donahue ‘15
Focus Editor


As the last school bell rings on Friday, April 4, 2014, students are ready for spring break! Spring break is April 5-13. Several students and teachers will travel someplace warm during this break and sometimes they even leave the country!
“I am going to Riviera Maya in Mexico with my parents and the rest of the senior class,” Shannon Donahue ’14 said.
Members of the senior class are going to the Riviera Maya or Panama City, Beach, Florida, and they are all very excited.
“I cannot wait to go out and just have fun with all of my friends!” Donahue said.
The seniors are not the only ones traveling some place warm. Nichole Ciccotelli ’16 will be going to Florida.
“I am going to Florida with my boyfriend, Garrett, and I am very excited to just relax on the beach and be someplace warm,” Ciccotelli said.
Just as the students will be having fun on their vacations, Psychology teacher Bobbie Agnello will be going to Marco Island, Florida.
“I am going with my husband and six other couples. We are going to soak up the sun, walk the beach and catch up with friends,” Agnello said.
Another teacher has something special planned over spring break.
“To celebrate my wife surviving cancer and ease the pain of her stolen wedding rings, I’m going to give her a new wedding ring on the plane on our way to Ireland!” English teacher Wayne Cook said.
While Agnello and Cook will be celebrating and relaxing on vacation, several other students will be stuck in Michigan.
“I am not going anywhere for spring break this year because I will be playing soccer,” Sydney Zablocki ’15 said.
Every year several of the seniors go on spring break together and the juniors cannot wait until next year to have their class trip.
“I will be going to Cancun, Mexico, next year for spring break. I cannot wait to have fun with all of my friends and relax on the beach!” Chelsey Quinn ’15 said.
Everyone here is ready for a vacation and is excited for spring break not only this year but also for the years to follow!