Songza App

Scott Bean ‘15

Everyone has those moments where they are in a certain mood but just cannot find the right song to match it. This is where the Songza app would come in handy.
Songza is a free music streaming app that is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
Songza is similar to many other music streaming apps such as Pandora, Spotify, 8tracks, or Slacker, but different in so many other ways. Just like Pandora and all other music streaming apps listed above, Songza is free.
There are a couple negatives about the app. One being that just like all the other music streaming apps, there is a skip limit. Along with that, there are ads and there is no premium version to upgrade to.
One cool thing about Songza is its wide variety of playlist choices. Unlike finding music based on a certain artist or song, it finds music based on the type of mood the individual is in or a certain activity they are about to partake in. The list of different moods and activities to choose from is abundant.
Although the only downside to this feature is that the amount of control the user has over what artists and songs are played is slightly limited. Unlike Slacker, albums, users cannot look up artists and songs individually, but they can make playlists.
While it lacks certain qualities like showing lyrics along with songs, all songs are clear and of good quality.
This app is a fun and easy way to experience new music and mix things up.