Movies you will “fall” for

Scott Bean ’15


As the weather and seasons change, so do the activities people partake in. As it gets colder, many tend to stay indoors rather than face the cold, harsh Michigan weather. What better activity to do when the leaves begin to change than to sit down with some hot chocolate and watch a good fall movie?

Now, when students at LCN think of October, the first thing that springs to mind is Halloween. When it comes to movies in October, a lot of people associate the thought of their favorite movies with that holiday.

“My favorite movie this time of year is, ‘Casper,’” said Conner Stempien ’15. “I think the thing I like the most is that he’s friendly like me.”

‘Casper’ is a classic and is a great movie for this time of year. It’s also a movie that anyone of any age will enjoy.

Another big event this time of year is the Disney Channel’s Halloween marathons. Disney plays many classic Halloween movies that a lot of teens grew up watching. These marathons are something to look forward to for that reason. One of these movies includes “Hocus Pocus.”

“My dad and I watch it every year when it’s on,” said Jenna Zalenski ’15. “It’s something we both look forward to and enjoy.”

Another big movie that is on during this time is “Halloween Town.” It’s another one of those movies that they show every year.

“It was one of my favorite movies when I was a child and still is now,” said Alexa Podlesney ’15.

Just because it is October does not mean that everything has to be about Halloween.

“’Flubber’ is one of my favorite movies to watch around the fall,” said Austin Mayfield ‘15.

“Flubber” starred Robin Williams as a high school science teacher who was working on an experiment in his house. While experimenting he creates a gelatin-like substance that he calls flubber.

All of these movies are a must-see, and fall gives off the best vibe to watch them. There is nothing better to do on a chilly October night than to sit down, relax and pop in a movie that everyone will love. They are movies that the whole family will enjoy and never get tired of.