Spooky stories from LCN Ghost tales haunt students

Quran Thomas ’15

Online Editor

Justin VanPoppelen ’15

Online Editor

Ever watch one of those creepy and dark TV shows that have “paranormal experts” walking around an abandoned mansion looking for ghosts? How about one of the “Paranormal Activity” movies? Can the events that happen on the big screen happen in real life? Some students and staff can tell their share of scary ghost stories.

Tyler Scheich ‘15 said, “I was in bed and heard really loud noises.” Scheich went on to explain that the noises were coming down the hallway.

Scheich said the screeching noises became louder by his door. The noise passed his room and went towards his sister’s room. Her door opened and the sound faded away.

“As soon as I thought it was over the lights in the hallway turned on,” said Scheich.

Meanwhile, Madison Wehby ‘16 was at her house one night and things started to get weird. Wehby said, “We were all sleeping and the TV turned on and all the picture frames were turned upside down.”

Wehby went on to say that she was scared and did not know how to explain what happened. She also said that her grandfather was at her house and heard something strange.

Wehby said, “My grandpa was outside fixing a door knob, and while outside he heard kids running in the house and yelling.” Wehby and her family had gone up north for the weekend, so there was no one in the house to make in any noise, she pointed out.

Kara Hart ‘16 has a cottage and stays up there frequently. Near her cottage, Hart said, there is a house with a smiley face on it.

Hart said, “Throughout the community, the house is known as the Smiley Face house. The house is abandoned and is really creepy looking.”

Hart said that one day her and her brother went inside to see what it looked like. Hart explained, “We went into the house and there was broken china all over the floor and paintings made by little kids.”

Hart said the paintings were dated 1953.

Hart said, “In one on the photos there was a map. We followed the map and it led to a tree fort and inside the fort was a bunch of dead animal bodies. We were so scared, so we hurried out of the fort and went back to the house. When we got back to the house, we were about to leave and we heard someone scream and when the scream stopped all of the cabinets and plates crashed to the ground.”

Dwayne Howard ‘15 tells a story of a spooky story while he spent the night at former student Tyler Gorczewicz’s house. Howard started off by explaining the setting,

“I was at Tyler’s house spending the night with a few other people but we were the only ones still awake, I was thirsty and decided to get up get something to drink. When I was heading down stairs I passed his computer room which was completely dark. On my way back upstairs with my drink, the computer was on and the screen was lit up.”

Howard went on to tell how he and Gorzcewicz were a little freaked out by the computer that turned itself on but decided to go to bed. What happened next, Howard said, scared the two even more,

“When we settled down to go to sleep for the night, we turned off the lights and laid down, but then we saw an orb of floating light in the corner of Tyler’s room. We freaked out and turned the lights back on to investigate the light. Once the lights were back on, we couldn’t find anything that would have caused it to show up and when we shut the lights back off the orb was gone.”

Brett White ‘17 was just hanging out with his at his house, where he says he has experienced ghostly activity before, and they happened to take a picture. In the background there was something strange. White talked about what he thought it was: “The ghost in the picture has always been around in my house. We call it the clown and it would grab toys down for my younger brother. The ghost would also go around and slam doors in our house.”

Another spooky story comes from English teacher Kim Kozian, telling the tale of her experiences as a resident assistant at Central Michigan University.

Kozian said, “On my floor as an RA, I sometimes had to make the rounds through the halls very late at night to make sure there were no parties or anything. I stayed in Barnard Hall where I had heard stories of a ghost named Caroline who people had encountered multiple times before. She had died in the dorm years ago but not of any unusual causes. One night when I was making the rounds, I turned a corner and down the hall I could see someone standing there, they turned and walked into the small kitchen. I walked down the hall behind her, but once I got to the kitchenette no one was in there. I was sure it was Caroline because when I saw her in the hall she had an old fashioned gown on and her hair was done in an older fashion.”

Ghost stories are rarely ever believed when they are first told. With further investigation, maybe some can be proved fake – but which ones are real?