Viewers find summer TV show to be intriguing

Alli Parski ’15

Copy Editor

Is it possible for life to ever be normal after finding out you were kidnapped at the age of three?

“Finding Carter” is a TV series seen on MTV on Tuesday nights. It was new to MTV this summer, running from July to September. According to, the premiere of the show gained over 100 million views and was renewed for a second season. The second season will premiere next summer.

The series is focused on a girl named Carter. She was kidnapped at the age of 3, but an incident occurs that lands her back in the home of her biological parents, her twin sister and her younger brother. She now has a new life with many unanswered questions.

“Finding Carter” engages the audience like no other show can. At the end of every episode, it leaves the viewer with a cliffhanger, which makes the viewer hate waiting another week to get their questions answered. Leaving the audience wondering is great because it helps ensure they will watch the next week.

Another positive to this TV series is that in every single episode, there is at least one jaw-dropping scene or a scene that will give the audience goose bumps. One way the producers do this is by showing Carter’s kidnapper stalking the family.

The actors in this show also contribute to what makes it so good. Kathryn Prescott plays the main character, Carter, and has also starred in another MTV show, “Skins.” Prescott plays the role of Carter perfectly and really brings it to life. The mother-daughter relationship with her costar, Cynthia Watros, is so believable that it makes the viewer really think they are related.

Another important aspect to the show is that it takes place in a suburban setting: high school and in Carter’s house. The importance of the setting of the show makes it more relatable for high school students that make up a major part of the show’s audience.

The only downfall I can find to the show is that it includes filler episodes such as Episode 9, “Do the right thing,” and Episode 11 “The long goodbye.” These episodes do not have much going on in them and can bore the audience. The series sometimes needs to move the events at a quicker pace to prevent this from happening.

Overall, “Finding Carter” is a must-watch TV series on MTV. To catch up on the latest episodes go to I would give the show a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.