Austin and Ty’s Excellent Column: Take a closer look at longboarding

Austin Williams ‘15 demonstrates longboarding in LCN’s parking lot.

Austin Williams ‘15 demonstrates longboarding in LCN’s parking lot.

Austin Williams ‘15

Sports Editor


Ty Gianakis ‘15


“It’s a great escape from reality”said Ian Moews ’15 referring to his favorite past time, longboarding. Longboarding is a hobby that has been increasing in popularity for the past few years. Whether it be steep downhill boarding, or just cruising around the neighborhood, many people make the decision to partake in this activity.

Longboarding has existed since the 1960s but has only been a small part of skateboarding. Longboarding was originally known for its “hippy style” of riding. Skateboarders would stick to the parks and streets while longboarders would venture out to the steep hills outside of the cities. Longboards did not truly break out in popularity until the late ‘90s and early 2000s.

One of the things that makes longboarding so widespread is that people do not have to be athletically gifted in order to ride. We have been longboarding for the past few years and we have traveled as far as Niagara, Canada, to ride our boards. Nothing can beat the sensation of the wind blowing through our hair as we ride the concrete wave.

One of the great things about longboarding is that it is not just a hobby for teenagers and young adults; one of our own teachers at LCN longboards.

Wayne Cook, English teacher, said, “It’s awesome!”

Cook has been longboarding for two years now and believes it is an activity that many people should partake in.

Longboarding can be dangerous; almost everyone who longboards knows the pain of falling while traveling at high speeds. Boarders often have scars to show the battles that they have had with the concrete. The scars can be read as if they are a physical journal of where they have been and what they have been through. We have both experienced some gnarly falls in our boarding days.

Although it could be dangerous, it is generally easy to get into longboarding. It takes a while to move up to the large-scale hills that look like they could be part of the Himalayas, but boarders can always ride around on the small hills in any neighborhood and town. In our general area, there are many places to board that are pretty easy to ride, including our favorites: Metro Beach, Stoney Creek, and the Oakland University campus.

People who do not longboard often find that it looks fun and could be a great past time.

Amanda Vandelinder ’15 said, “It would be cool if I wouldn’t hurt myself.”

Most people have to get past the original fear of falling in order to accomplish the achievement of riding a board. Vandelinder wishes she could board, but she is just a tad bit scared of the risk of falling.

Longboarding is one of the hobbies that will hopefully stay in society for a while. Longboarding has impacted our lives greatly and will most likely impact the life of any avid rider.