Michael Smith ‘18 opens a bottom locker.

Michael Smith ‘18 opens a bottom locker.

Justin VanPoppelen ‘15

Online Editor

This month’s topic is students’ responses when asked how it is to have a bottom locker at school.

Ann Yung ‘15 said, “I can never wear dresses or skirts since I have to crouch at my locker and I’m always in someone’s way.”

She went on to talk about how she needs to take turns with the people around her locker to grab their school supplies.

Jessica Scott ‘15, on the other hand, had a different opinion on the setup. “This is my first year with a bottom locker and it isn’t that bad, but the people around my locker never really show up,” she said.

Lindsey Kerr ‘15 had an opinion on both sides of the fence, “It was okay since I’m short but people around my locker were crowding the area.”

Alex Breckling ‘16 had the opinion that, “Juniors and seniors should have the top lockers, leave the bottom lockers for freshmen and sophomores.”

Jennifer McCloud ‘18 said, “I don’t really like my bottom locker so I use my friend’s locker instead.”

Sydney Walker ‘16 said, “I don’t like my bottom locker because of the height, I’ve had one all three years of high school and I hate it.”

Joe Budzynowski ‘16 said, “It’s interesting to have a bottom locker and I don’t like it. I hate bending over to get to it.”