Ed Sheeran: an X-cellent night

The crowd of rabid fans at the Palace of Auburn Hills had their attention locked on Ed Sheeran. Photo by Laurel Neitling ‘16

The crowd of rabid fans at the Palace of Auburn Hills had their attention locked on Ed Sheeran. Photo by Laurel Neitling ‘16

Laurel Neiting ’16

Copy Editor

Ellie Buguzis ’16

Opinions Editor

The deafening shrieks of teenage girls filled The Palace of Auburn Hills on September 17. Ed Sheeran was only moments from entering the Detroit stage. Chanting the artist’s name, fans soon compelled Sheeran to begin.

Acoustic guitar in hand, Sheeran entered the stage with a straightforward greeting, “My name is Ed and my job for the next two hours is to entertain you.” Later, he added that his ultimate goal for the night was for the entire crowd to lose their voices.

The 23-year-old English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, mesmerized the whole audience in his self-headlining tour “X.” Sheeran played entirely by himself, there was no chorus of backup singers or extravagant dancers: All he had was his voice and guitar. The crowd was the motifor the energy he put into each song. Listening to him play was almost as if time stopped. Sheeran’s voice was like a powerful current that pulled the crowd in. It cascaded throughout the walls of the Palace in perfect harmony with the choir of fans.

“Sing, and if you don’t know the words, pretend you do,” Sheeran said. He continually asked the mass of fans to sing along, clap their hands, and simply be involved. Sheeran had an unwavering appreciation for the crowd’s willingness to participate.

Performing “Don’t,” a song from of his newest album, Sheeran dragged the crowd in screaming (but not kicking). The concert-goers were enthralled with his talent, jaws dropping at how he seemed to juggle the roles of lead and backup singer simultaneously.

“Take It Back” showcased Sheeran’s immense rapping skills. He seemed to have an endless supply of oxygen as he spit and sputtered rhyme after rhyme.

Toward the end of the concert, Sheeran instructed the people of the Palace to pretend they were attending choir practice during “Give Me Love.” An everlasting chorus of “I love you,” however, led Sheeran to the conclusion that the Palace-goers would make for an awful choir. Despite the interruptions, he could not hide the smirk on his face.

Near the end of the night’s performance, everyone pulled out their phones to create a candlelight effect during “The A Team.” The array of twinkling lights resembled a night sky as they speckled over the otherwise dark arena.

Sheeran’s soul poured through in his mesmerizing music. He performed with a passion incomparable to any other. The lyrics plotted the stories, but his voice told them.

While Sheeran played a countless number of songs from his new album, he did not abandon his older music. This alone seemed to leave everyone pleased. A standout quality of Sheeran’s performance was the way he tweaked each song a bit. Although every song was recognizable, it was not the same professionally recorded version.

With voices still gruff from Wednesday night, we would most definitely say Sheeran achieved his goal for the night. The concert broke the rating scale, receiving six out of five stars.