Editorial: Benefits of becoming an exchange student

If the option is available, take the opportunity and be an exchange student. Every aspect of this journey is individually an adventure. There are several countries on each continent that make this opportunity available. Studying abroad as a foreign exchange student has great benefits.

There is a huge benefit alone with students staying with host families.

Studentexchangeprograms.net said, “This increases the value they place on home and family life.”

Every family in every country is not exactly the same. With different families comes different rules, traditions, and mind set, These families welcome students with open arms. For awhile, they are a part of a new family. Once students leave to return home, they realize their host families are the people they will miss the most because they had the closest bond to them. New friends are also a part of the fantastic journey,

Exchangestudentworld.com said, “It’s incredible to see hordes of people from numerous foreign regions interacting with each other.”

Relationships will be made with many other students from all over the world. Keeping in contact with these friends will not be hard either with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram. The new culture and language a student gets to experience while being an exchange student is also a factor. It is exciting to try new food, listen to different music, or maybe even celebrate different holidays.

The opportunities to go out of a comfort zone need to be taken to help with the culture shock. If a person is traveling somewhere in Europe, catch a game of cricket, or see a Real Madrid soccer game. These events are new to a student who does not live in Europe, but will not cause harm to their comfort level with the culture. Transportation across the world is also cooler than most, like the train or subway instead of a car.

Afsusa.org said, “The more open and flexible they are, the more they will learn and gain from the program.”

The amount of exhilarating activities available can make the experience that much more memorable. Students just have to be willing to take that extra step to get the most out of it.The list of things you will leave behind back home is definitely very long, but at some point in life you will leave everything that is familiar. Your culture, church every Sunday, the animal crackers brought to eat at lunch, friends, and family, or even that pet fish. Why not take an exciting chance to leave it all for a year during high school? Don’t forget a camera!