Laurel’s Loop: Girls throw like girls

Laurel Neitling ’16

Copy Editor

When a little boy’s throw plummeted to the ground, he was not simply told that it was a bad throw. Instead, he was told that he “threw like a girl.” And nothing, absolutely nothing, was worse than a first grade boy being compared to a girl. Unfortunately, this jab is not limited to the first grade.

Likewise, there was no better compliment for a young girl to hear than she was doing great considering she was only a girl. These slams to women are not acceptable. Adolescent girls are having their self-esteem wrecked with the incessant use of “like a girl” as though “like a girl” should somehow be frowned upon.

People tend to use the expression “like a girl” as though it were a synonym for incompetent. Women are strong, intelligent, and capable beings. When a man is likened to one, he should not be ashamed, but rather consider it a great compliment.

The quality of one’s work should not be attached to a gender. People either do something well or they do not—it is that simple. There is no in between, because if a woman only does something well because she is female, then she is doing something wrong. If someone’s work is being criticized, there is no need to bring gender into the mix.

Being a girl does not determine one’s abilities or success. A woman is capable of whatever she pushes herself to do, just like any other human being. Men are not superior to women, despite society’s harsh stereotypes.

Girls define what it is to throw like a girl. Girls define what it is to run like a girl. Girls define what it means to be a girl. So girls, it is up to you to determine how the women of tomorrow see themselves today.