New kids on the court Two freshmen contribute to Varsity Volleyball Team

Kylie Bice ‘18. Photo by Miranda Rysiewicz ‘15

Kylie Bice ‘18. Photo by Miranda Rysiewicz ‘15

Tori Conklin ‘18. Photo by Miranda Rysiewicz ‘15

Tori Conklin ‘18. Photo by Miranda Rysiewicz ‘15

Paige Pardee  ‘15


The Varsity Volleyball Team is expected to do very well this year. With the help from freshmen Kylie Bice and Tori Conklin, the team should be really successful.

Bice is a setter on the team. She is proud of herself for making varsity as a freshman because she worked so hard to achieve a spot on the team. Bice is enjoying the season so far.

“I like it because all the girls are so nice and supportive,” she said.

As a freshman, Bice has a lot to look forward to and is excited to see what the season brings her. Her goals are to play more in games and to improve as a team. “I’ll motivate my team to work hard and be successful,” said Bice.

Gary Malburg, head varsity volleyball coach, said that Bice is doing fine at a higher level. There are two setters on the team and Bice is one of them. There are a lot of talented freshman but there were only a few spots open on varsity and she was one of the players they needed to fill the open setter spot.

Conklin is a middle hitter. She was really excited and happy when she found out she was going to be on the Varsity Volleyball Team.

“I worked hard all year and never gave up,” said Conklin.

She hopes for a good season. Her goals are to play in a game and to win districts.

“I’m mostly excited to just be around my team because I love them all so much,” said Conklin.

She plans to be energetic and positive throughout the whole season to motivate her team to do better. Malburg explained that they needed another tall middle to help support the team and he thought that 6-foot Conklin would be the perfect person to take on that position.

Varsity volleyball captain Danielle Sargent ’15 is an outside hitter so she is always on the court with Conklin and Bice. Sargent thinks these freshmen are a great fit to the team.

“Tori and Kylie are not shy and they never hold back even though they are the youngest on the team,” said Sargent. “I love that about them.”

Sargent thinks that Conklin brings out a lot of energy to the team and gives them big blocks. Also, Sargent pointed out that Bice is very encouraging and has great sets.

Even though these freshmen are young they have played a high level of travel volleyball so they should fit in on varsity very well.

“They’re prepared and committed. These girls have worked so hard and I would love to see them succeed.” said Malburg.

He expects the team to play high-level, fast volleyball, but most importantly to play smart and as a team. This will lead to great success along with these two freshmen contributing their skills all season.

Overall, Bice and Conklin are ecstatic that they have the opportunity to be a part of the LCN volleyball program and are looking forward to watching it grow as they grow. These two players are going to provide long-term growth toward the program.