Player of the Month: Timmy Murphy assists Varsity Soccer Team to get the W

Timmy Murphy ‘17 plays on the Varsity Soccer Team. Photo taken by Abigail Donahue ‘15

Timmy Murphy ‘17 plays on the Varsity Soccer Team. Photo taken by Abigail Donahue ‘15

Stephanie Sakelaris  ‘15


As the Varsity Soccer Team starts off its season, sophomore Timmy Murphy and is a great asset to their team. He currently plays on the Varsity Soccer Team as well as on the Michigan Wolves Soccer Club.

“Timmy’s skills are very impressive,” junior Helgi Suvaria said. “He is a hard worker and he really makes the most of his time on the field.”

According to Murphy, the season has started off roughly but the team has grown and continues to get better at every practice and game. He believes their performance will enhance and they plan on turning the losing streak around.

The team practices every day without a game. At practice they do sprints, run through drills and practice shooting.

“What we do at practice and if we take it seriously effects how we play in our game,” Murphy said. “We have fun but we know when it is time to really focus on what we are doing.”

Murphy enjoys playing midfield and takes every second on the field as a learning opportunity. He never wants to stop playing the game he loves. “Timmy is a really valuable part of our team. He is a great leader, everyone loves him and I can’t imagine the team without him,” junior Grant Girard said.

On and off the field, Murphy is very important and creates a relatable atmosphere with his good work ethic and strong character.

“In addition to Tim’s excellent ball technique, he has great field vision and special awareness,” Coach Elmir Sabanovic said. “These characteristics enable him to speed up the play and expose opposing defensive weakness.”