Powderpuff 2014: juniors win

The senior team poses for a team picture. Photo by Robin Hyden

The senior team poses for a team picture. Photo by Robin Hyden

The junior team celebrates after an upset win over the seniors.

The junior team celebrates after an upset win over the seniors.

Miranda Rysiewicz ‘15

Photo Editor

Note: the story was written prior to the game held on October 1.

Powderpuff is a chance for the girls to play football and the boys to be cheerleaders. For some, it is the highlight of their high school years.

The girls are coached by the varsity football players in their grade level, and the boys are coached by varsity cheerleaders in their grade. In last year’s game between the class of 2014 and the class of 2015, the junior class caused an upset by winning the game. Although the game is thought to be rigged for the seniors to win, the juniors still beat them. The juniors won 22-20.

This year, the seniors are expecting nothing but a clean win to be named back-to-back champions. On the other hand, the juniors want to cause the upset. The game could go either way but there are determining factors on each side.

The seniors played last year so most of them are playing the same positions that they played previously; the, they are already familiar with their positions and what they have to do. They also know the plays and what to expect out of the game.

The juniors, on the other hand, have not played before so they don’t know what positions or what the plays are. They have no experience so they will not know what to expect in the game.

The one thing against the seniors is they do not have the same coach that they had last year. History teacher Mark Mignot coached the juniors. This year, they have German teacher Jim Ekdahl, science teacher Beth Ottolini and English teacher Jim Kroll. The juniors have an advantage in their coaching because they have history teacher Terry Ebury, an experienced football coach.

“The seniors aren’t going to win because I’m coaching and my teams don’t lose. We have Kayla Roodbeen and she has played football before,” said junior coach Jimmy Tocco.

Some are saying the seniors are going to win because they have more athletes on their team but others argue that the juniors have better athletes.

“Seniors are going to win because they always do. The juniors get skimped, and the seniors have more of an advantage because they played last year because they know the game and they already have experience in the position that they are playing because they played it last year,” said Gillian Walker ’16.

Another aspect of the game is wanting to win. The seniors want the win. They want to be back-to-back champions and will not settle for a loss.

“I think the seniors are going to win because we have an athletic team with experience and we want to win so bad,” said Gina Minchella ’15.

The seniors are missing out on one key player this year. Running back Ashley Johnson ’15 has a hurt hip flexor. She was a key player for the seniors last year but she may push through her injury to play in the game this year.

“The seniors are going to win because we have really good coaches, very good players, and we won last year so we know what we need to do to pull out another win this year,” said Johnson.