Is court all about popularity?

Abigail Donahue ‘15

Feature Editor

On Wednesday, September 17, I sat in the gymnasium and listened as host Bob Johnston called out the names of the students on the 2014 homecoming court.

I thought to myself how a lot of the people that were on the court are just the “popular” kids, but there were some this year that were not.

I think most of the time homecoming court is just a popularity contest; it’s always the students who are involved in school or the students who play a lot sports.

Students are nominated by one another and those nominated are then voted for online. The eight girls and eight boys that received the most votes are then put on court. Te student body votes for the people on court, and the king and queen are announced at the homecoming football game.

This year, there are some students selected from different social groups. Some are from band, some are from choir, some are involved in clubs and Student Council, and there are some that play sports.

I think the main quality to be nominated for court is someone that has made a difference in our school. I also think the people that should be selected are people involved in our school, like students who play sports and are involved in clubs.

“I do think homecoming court is a popularity contest,” Breana Nead ’15 said.

Several others also think homecoming court is mostly a popularity contest.

“If it is not a popularity contest, what else is homecoming court?” Alex Crespo ’17 and Anthony Reising ’17 said.

Homecoming court should include a wider variety of students. It should be someone with good grades and an outgoing personality. I think Student Council should also have some sort of contest for the students to be on court, that way anyone can be selected.

Some students on court have an idea about who they think will win (the paper went to press before the king and queen were announced).

“I think it all depends on what social group you are in. If you are in band, that is a bigger group so that person might get more votes,” court member Jenna Mazzetti ’15 said

Although homecoming court can be a popularity contest, some people think it is okay.

“Homecoming court is just a popularity contest and that is okay, but we just need to make sure everyone has a fair shot of being on court each year,” Cassidy VanHaverbeck ’15 said.