“1989” has ‘swiftly’ become a classic

Adrianna Sputa ‘15


“It’s a new soundtrack, I could dance to this beat forevermore,” Taylor Swift sings in her song “Welcome to New York.” This future chart-topper from her new CD “1989” is addicting.

The CD has been on repeat for days. Even when not physically listening to the album, one can find herself singing one of the songs. This is Swift’s very first pop album and it took her two years to put together. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Swift revealed some songs on this album were actually inspired by her best friend’s relationship.

It seems that “1989” is the first album Swift has produced that does not portray heartbreak as sappy and depressing. Although her songs are still about love and boys, there is a sense of girl power in her voice.

“This Love” is where the album takes a turn, but not for the worst. This song embodies classic Taylor Swift. The story tells what it is like to fall in love with someone new, or take a second chance on someone.

“Blank Space” is the first song from the album that has had a music video released already. Without a doubt, “Blank Space” along with Swift’s “Shake it Off” are the most popular songs from the album thus far. Swift also held “1989 Secret Sessions” where she invited fans from social media, such as Instagram and Twitter, to listen to the material she had been working on. These fans shared their own stories and gave her feedback on what she had already completed. Of course, there were rules that went with this experience: they could not leak any of her material. In an interview with CNN, Swift informed them that the album was leaked two days before its actual release, but it was not a trending topic in the world, for her fan base protected it.

“1989” will most likely be the most successful album of Swift’s career. If Swift can pull off achieving platinum for “1989,” this will be her third consecutive platinum album among everything else she has earned. Four stars.