Considering college?

Alli Parski ‘15

Copy Editor

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That one word fills the thoughts of LCN students on a daily basis. College is their future, their new beginning, or the most nerve-racking choice they are going to have to make. College means something different to everyone.

Students choose to go to a particular college for all different kinds of reasons. They face the questions adults throw at them, like what they want to major in or if they are going to receive a scholarship. These are some of the factors that play into a student’s choice of college.

Sam Puzzonia ’15, said, “I want to major in education… Eastern Michigan is known as the college of education, so I am looking into that college.” Puzzonia obtained this information after taking a tour of the campus last year.

Students who know what they want to be or what they want to major in have a tendency to choose a college based upon those choices. Colleges or universities often may have a reputation for strong programs, which gives that school a boost in that career field.

Another student who is using her career choice for selecting a college is junior Emily Parsell, who is interested in becoming a physical therapist. She heard that Grand Valley State University offers a good physical therapy program, which sparked her interest in that school.

Scholarships are another looming question when college is brought up. Going to college is not cheap and students can go into debt by wanting to further their education. Obtaining any type of scholarship money can help bring down the expensive cost of college.

There are hundreds of different scholarships that students can apply for. Students can obtain scholarships for athletics or academics. Schools also offer different types of scholarships to students based upon their high school GPA and ACT score.

Emily Bliss ’18 said, “The amount of scholarship money I can receive to go to a school will play a big factor in where I decide to go when that time comes for me.”

Reducing the price of college by any amount of money is helpful.

Counselor Ann Merkel said, “I suggest that students look at all sorts of avenues [scholarships, grants, etc.]… unfortunately, very few students do.”

Seniors may think choosing a college is hard but for juniors, the ACT is just as nerve-racking.

A student’s ACT score can determine whether or not the college’s admission board will accept them. This score is extremely important, although staff members also stress it is not the only thing colleges look at. Colleges also consider students’ high school GPAs and extra-curricular activities.

Within the last three years, LCN has added a College and Career Readiness class. This class helps students improve their ACT score and prepare them for college.

Kayla O’Malley ’16 took the ACT earlier this year for the first time and was surprised about the difficulty of the test. She is a student in the College and Career Readiness class and said, “The class seems to have been very helpful for me so far, and we will see how it affects my ACT score the next time I take it”.

“I think that the ACT scores have improved overall in part thanks to the CCR class,” Sarah Youngs, a teacher of the College and Career Readiness class said, “…any extra ACT preparation and practice students can get during the school day from certified teachers is extremely beneficial and a great asset to our school’s selection of course offerings.”

The class seems to be helpful from the previous years it was offered and hopefully it continues to be.

There are many thoughts that race through students’ heads when they hear the word college. They range from being accepted to what they want to major in. So when it comes time for you to make your college decision, do what is going to be best for you.