Hybrid classes provide college format

Quran Thomas ‘15

Online Editor

At some point, all students need a break from a class. Having a hybrid class allows for a break that everyone needs. On some days students attend a normal class, and on a hybrid day, the class is online and students do not have to go. They work from home instead.

This is the third year that hybrids have been offered. Unlike L’Anse Creuse High School, HSN only offers hybrid classes for electives. Someday, L’Anse Creuse High School-North may include core classes as well as electives as hybrid classes, according to Elaine Mantinan, Spanish teacher.

Mantinan said, “I think it is interesting because it offers a lot of experiences…”

Mantinan was proposed the opportunity to teach a Spanish hybrid class. It was an effort to move education into the twenty-first century at HSN. Mantinan also said, “It is an opportunity students on hybrid days to get more help because it can be a hard class.”

Mantinan explained that the school district was trying to think ahead of how college classes will be structured in the future. Most college classes will have some type of online aspect where the students will have to do a lesson on their own. Allowing students to have the ability to practice having a college class format in high school will prepare them for the future.

Kaileen Bauer ’15 said, “I like the class and I love having Mrs. Mantinan as a teacher. When we have hybrid days, I sleep in until about 7 a.m. and get to school at 8:03.” The Spanish hybrid is first hour.

Cesar Niño ’15 has Publications (yearbook), during seventh hour as his hybrid class. He said, “I like myyou can work from home, but it is also bad because I procrastinate. It’s sweet because I can leave before traffic in the parking lot.”

When the hybrid class format was explained to students at HSN, they seemed to appreciate it.

Greg Kwapik ’15 said, “I would want to have a hybrid class. I would want it to be first hour so I could sleep in. If I could choose a teacher, I would want Ms. Verheye for English.”

Nick Abdelnour ’15 said, “If I had a car I would want a hybrid class. I would want Pre-calculus as a hybrid.” He also explained that not having a car really stopped him from taking a hybrid class.

Not having a car should not stop everyone because all hybrid classes aren’t offered during first hour. Hybrid classes can be any hour of the day. Even on the days when there is not a class, the teacher is still there to help with any questions or problems. It is almost like having a tutorial, except it is for an entire hour. Having a hybrid class does not mean that the class will be easy or that everything should be done at the last minute, though. Some students work ahead to have free time on hybrid days.

Hybrid classes are not only good for college but also for other activities out side of school. A hybrid teaches students how to prioritize time and figure out when to hang out and when to do homework.