Making History: Marching Crusaders qualify for state competition

Shellie Zamponi ‘15

Focus Editor

Above is the Marching Crusaders performing at Ford Field during States.

Above is the Marching Crusaders performing at Ford Field during States.

Gold, silver and black that gleamed in the light; large, green fields of turf; and music that weaved itself throughout the air of Ford Field. This was the sight reflected in the Marching Crusaders’ eyes on the day of states. This is the music of the 12 best bands that compete in MCBA (Michigan Competing Bands Association). This was our very own LCN marching band on Saturday, November 1.

The news of this historical event has been circling LCN ever sce their success was announced. What is the band’s historical news? This was the first time the LCN Marching Band has ever had the chance to participate in state competition!

Through a series of limitless work, Saturday competitions, and multiple scores, the marching band’s work has finally paid off.

“Our last competition before the States was [October 25], only 12 of the 13 bands from that competition made it into States,” said Cort Dziekan ’15. “The scores were announced at the end, but we didn’t know we made it to States until later when Mr. Griffith announced the other bands’ scores.”

It was an immense feat for the marching band to make it past this final round into States. Band members have always been known for their hard work, dedication and sense of family. Making it into the final competition was icing on the cake.

“We have been making leaps and bounds getting better this year,” Maddie Patrus ’17 said. “…we were so close last year, our goal has been to make it to States this year. With this being our first time going to states, we were unsure if we would make it, but with all the work we have put in, we are very happy with the results.”

The event came a week later for the band. Their piece was “Star-crossed Lovers till Death Do Us Part,” a compilation of songs from literary works such as Romeo and Juliet and Tristan and Isolde.

After three-hour practices twice every week, eight-hour practices on Saturday, and Friday night football performances, the LCN Marching Band rocked Ford Field.

When the awards ceremony came, LCN was awarded eleventh place.

“It feels great,” LCN Band director Dan Griffith said, commenting on their recent success. “It’s been a goal for the school and program for a long time.”

Drum Major Marisa Romano ’17 said she was very proud of the entire band and the performance they executed.

“We did really well,” said Romano. “We were really excited and came back to celebrate.”

The 2014-2015 marching band has set the bar high for upcoming musicians-not every band can add to a school’s history, but this one has.

This is one for the history books.