Not-so-Thanksgiving? Retailers open on holiday

Ashley Simone ’15

Business Manager

Thanksgiving is the start of the winter holidays. There is delicious food, the Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Thanksgiving Day football game, and last but certainly not least, a chance to give thanks. As the years pass, the focus of Thanksgiving has been steered away from giving thanks, and driven toward Black Friday shopping.

Although an abundance of people still participate in their annual Thanksgiving traditions, the numbers of people that wait in the lines at retail stores on Thanksgiving are gradually increasing. Some look at the sales as a chance to save big money, but others do not like the challenge of fighting the crowds for parking spots and incredible deals.

Junior Gillian Walker does not participate in shopping on Thanksgiving because she feels it takes away from the thankful holiday.

“I do not wait in the long lines on Thanksgiving because I would much rather spend Thanksgiving with my family. Thanksgiving should be a day filled with gratefulness and shopping for great deals and it is not worth replacing the Thanksgiving holiday,” Walker said.

There are also a number of stores that open on the evening of Thanksgiving. Some stores include JCPenney, Art Van, and KMart. JCPenney opens at 5 p.m., Art Van opens at 6 p.m., and KMart opens all day, 6 a.m. until 5 p.m. With the numerous stores opening on Thanksgiving, the Black Friday shopping spree will start earlier for a lot of people than in the past years.

Since stores open early this year, employees are needed to work. Some employees are irritated about working, some are neutral, and some like to work during these holidays. Senior Ann Yung works at Hollister Company. Although she does not have to work on Thanksgiving Day, she does work on Black Friday. Yung is neutral about working because there are some great benefits but there are also some drawbacks.

“People are really rude, but I do get paid more. The other problem is that takes away from the purpose of Thanksgiving,” Yung said.

Yung does enjoy the extra pay, but working on Black Friday can be a hassle.

Next, senior Logan Kitchens works at Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) and enjoys working on Black Friday. He also does not have to work on Thanksgiving Day.

“I think it is fun because I get to work with all the craziness,” Kitchens said.

Kitchens is fond of working the day of Black Friday because he enjoys the insanity that Black Friday had to offer.

With that said, more people are losing sight of Thanksgiving and focusing on shopping. Even though there is lots of change between Thanksgiving 10 years ago and Thanksgiving now, there will always be a great deal of fun.