Scoping for scholarships

Miranda Oleksiak ‘15 fills out a college application to Oakland University.

Miranda Oleksiak ‘15 fills out a college application to Oakland University.

Ellie Baguzis ‘16

Opinions Editor

Most students rely on scholarship money in order to afford the college education they want. With tuition prices on the rise, students should take all of the help they can get. Scholarship money is offered from numerous sources.

Counselor Lori O’Neal suggested visiting L’Anse Creuse website’s scholarship page to find opportunities tailored to a student’s individual strengths.

The first step students take when applying for scholarships is to write down a list of their greatest achievements in high school: clubs they have been in, activities they have participated in, and awards they have received.

After that, students should obtain letters of recommendation.

“My advice for students is to visit their three favorite teachers and get recommendation letters from them,” O’Neal said. “Most scholarships will want at least one letter of recommendation.”

Once students have recommendation letters, they can recycle them for as many applications as they would like.

Students are endowed with scholarship money for various reasons: ethnicity, academics, athletics, community service, performing arts abilities, artistic talents, and more. There are a vast variety of scholarships to apply for; however, some are more prevalent than others.

“The most common one L’Anse Creuse students receive is the local scholarship,” O’Neal said.

Local scholarships, exclusively given to L’Anse Creuse students, are provided by area businesses and organizations.

Many seniors have started applying for scholarships. Some have already been granted money for higher education.

Brett Frieze ‘15 said, “I received scholarships for my grades and ACT score.”

“I got a scholarship for soccer at Youngstown State University, which I will be attending next fall,” Paige Thompson ‘15 said.

“Students do not have to be seniors to start applying for scholarships,” O’Neal noted.

Scholarships provide any ambitious student with the opportunity to get a higher education at a lower cost.