‘Watt’ is up with this app?

Laurel Neitling ‘16

Copy editor

Wattpad is an innovative platform for aspiring writers and avid readers. Undiscovered writers are given an opportunity to share their writing and receive feedback from the readers.

Allowing novice writers to post their pieces online provides people with entertainment while giving the authors a great opportunity to promote their work. Some Wattpad writers have even had their pieces published outside of the app, such as Molly Doyle and Monica Sanz.

Once a writer has uploaded his or her work to the Wattpad, readers are able to leave comments reviewing the piece as well as ‘like’ the story. The app heightens the connection between the audience and the writer.

Wattpad encourages people to explore different genres. The eye-catching pictures and attention-grabbing titles are inviting. Diehard action aficionados may find themselves seeping into a gushy romance novel and vice versa.

The downside of Wattpad is the lack of editing and plotting in some of the stories. Many stories are filled with grammatical mishaps and spelling catastrophes.

The well-written stories are rarely the ones that receive the most attention. Trending subjects, typically involving some form of paranormal romance, are more apt to be featured than well-written nonfiction pieces.

There seems to be a cliché aspect to any novel, yet Wattpad stories take it to an entirely new level. It takes little thought to predict the upcoming events in the plot. The stories can become quite repetitive because of this.

Despite some faults, Wattpad is filled with fresh, lively pieces awaiting the critique of avid readers doubling as amateur editors. Overall, Wattpad is a great app for writers seeking notice and readers in search of new material. If I am reading the scale properly, Wattpad weighs in at three stars. If the app starts hitting the weights more, it might ‘gain’ the other two stars in the future