Crusaders stay in shape off season

Adam Porter ‘16 is working out for football in the school locker room. Photo by Cara Smith ‘15

Adam Porter ‘16 is working out for football in the school locker room.
Photo by Cara Smith ‘15

Abigail Donahue ‘15

Feature Editor

In the fall months of 2014, athletes are in the weight room preparing for their upcoming seasons. Running on the treadmill, Sydney Zablocki ’15 is with the girls’ soccer team preparing for the 2015 season.

“Most of the girls’ soccer team plays year round in club soccer, so we rarely ever have an off season,” Zablocki said.

The girls’ soccer team is preparing for the 2015 season now and sometimes even goes into the weight room after school to stay in shape. Several other athletes do similar things.

“I play in a fall league and go to several clinics,” varsity lacrosse player Ian Moews ’15 said.

Being part of the lacrosse team, Moews is looking forward on hanging out with his peers this season.

“Usually, I will stay after school on Fridays with the other seniors on the team to prepare, too,” Moews said.

Moews is not the only one who likes to stay in shape to make sure he can do his best in the upcoming season. Josh Oleksiak ’15 also likes to prepare for his 2015 baseball season.

“I usually work out with my summer team to stay in shape for upcoming seasons,” Oleksiak said.

Oleksiak is looking forward to playing L’Anse Creuse this year and wants to make sure he is ready for the rivalry game since they tied last year.

The girls’ tennis team also has a few things coming up that helps them to prepare for the 2015 season.

“We have a tennis camp at Ferris State University and also take lessons at Peach Tree or in Port Huron,” Michala Manfredo ’16 said.

Manfredo is looking forward to meeting new girls on the tennis team.

“I always go to the dome in the winter with the other senior buddies,” Conner Stempien ‘15 said.

This is one of the things members of the boys’ golf team do to prepare for their 2015 season.

“I’m looking forward to finishing out my last year with my friends I’ve grown up with this season,” Stempien said.

The dedication these athletes have for their sport stands out no matter what time of the year it is.