Girl/Guy Code: The North Star Edition

We asked the North Star Staff their opinions on whether they think the guy should always pay for a date, or should girls contribute?

Dakota Phillips

Opinions editor

It is always the same old stereotypical fable: Whenever a guy and girl go out, the guy always pays. I think that if a girl wants to pay for a guy, then she should be able to.

I believe that whoever initiates the date should be the one to pay. If a guy asks a girl out, then he should pay. But if the girl asks, then she should pay. I think it is ridiculous that it has become a requirement among couples for the guy to always pay, no matter what. If a woman works, and makes her own money, then she is perfectly capable of paying.

It is also absurd how some girls just expect their date to pay. NEWSFLASH: Guys do not always have money. If they want to spend it on you, sure, let them! But, girls, if you are the one making the plans, do not automatically expect him to pay for you. How is that fair? A girl paying for a date is just as acceptable as a guy paying for one. Why not split the cost half in half, or alternate between who pays on dates? Do not get me wrong, I am not saying a guy never has to pay. I am just pointing out that girls are also able enough to cough up some cash, too!

Scott Bean


It is the guy’s job to pay for everything… or at least that is the popular opinion among most people. Being a male, I agree with that statement to a certain extent. On a first date yes, it is polite and the gentlemanly thing to do. If a guy wants to make a good first impression and wants a second date, then he should definitely pay on the first date.

In the beginning stages of a relationship, he should pay for most activities, but not for everything, because he still has his own needs to take care of. A guy should want to show that he can take care of a girl financially as well as take care of her other needs.

Although, it does not hurt for the girl to pay, since guys do deserve to be spoiled every once in a while, and it is nice to show that he is appreciated. As the relationship progresses, the amount of financial support the guy provides should decrease and the two should split costs more often. If he pays for everything all the time, he will not be able support himself and eventually he will not want to take care of his woman anymore.

Anna Valentic

Cover editor

I believe that the guy should pay for the date. It is just the right thing to do. The man of the relationship is always expected to pay for the date. It is not that often where a girl pays for dinner on a date. If a guy asks me out to dinner and makes me pay at the end of the night, I would be pretty upset. I mean, he asked ME out.

  Let’s be real: if a couple has been dating for quite sometime, it would be nice for the girl to offer to pay every once in a while, but if the girl is paying for a guy’s dinner and movie every time they go out as a couple, she is not going to be a fan of that. Most girls expect the guy to pay for the date, but us girls usually have money on us just in case the guy does make us pay. Girls always act like they will have no problem paying for their dinner, “Oh don’t worry I’ll pay for mine” or “I’ll feel bad if you pay, you always pay,” but guys, let’s set the record straight: girls never really want to pay. Guys, do the right thing and pay for your girls’ share of the date.

Jimmy Tocco

Guest writer

Relationships are supposed to be about equality. One of the nicest things you can do for the person you care about is to take them out for dinner. Dinner dates are equally enjoyable from either side of a relationship, but should the guy always pay?

When it comes to dinner, the guy should pay most of the time. Dinner dates don’t have to be a common occurrence, but definitely it is nice to do every once in a while. If it is the first date, the guy should pay without a doubt. If a couple has been together for an extended period of time, then they have got some other options.

With that being said, if a couple is going on a dinner date early in the couple’s relationship, the guy should pay without second thought. It is just the gentlemanly thing to do. It could be the only chance to make a good first impression as well! You do not want to look cheap on your first real date together.

On the other hand, if the couple has been seeing each other for a while, then it’s not as much of a necessity. Do not get me wrong, the guy should still pay the majority of the bill, if not all. From a guy’s standpoint, it would be nice for a girl to contribute some money once in a while.

So guys, when you take someone out to dinner, be sure to prepare your wallet before heading out. There is no price that can take away from a happy evening with someone you care about!

Cara Smith


Many people in America have grown up believing that the boy must always pay on a date, and some girls are offended if their boyfriend does not abide by this unwritten rule. It is the twenty-first century and I think that many people would say that times have certainly changed. I do not believe that it is the boy’s responsibility to pay for every single date he goes on with this girlfriend.

Couples should discuss their financial situations before going on their date. It is always nice when a boy says he wants to take a girl out and pay for her, but girls should pay for their boyfriend once in a while.

Personally, I prefer to split the cost when I go out on dates. By agreeing to pay separately, neither the girl nor the boy will feel awkward or pressured to pay. I think it is thoughtful for both the boy and the girl to treat each other out to a special night. Although, some girls think it would be nice for boys to pay all the time, their boyfriends might go broke. Ladies, always remember to show your boyfriend how special he is to you!


Austin Williams


Sports editor


When the bill comes to the table at the end of an expensive date, almost always the bill is paid by the boy. In the U.S. and around the world, it is most commonly accepted that boys are supposed to pay for the meal. The question is: should this always be the case?

It is common courtesy for the man to pay, but the man should not be embarrassed for the girl to take charge of the bill occasionally. If it is the girl’s idea to go out to eat, or do some form of activity, the guy should not feel offended if she asks to pay.

While scrolling through Twitter, I have seen tweets saying “My boyfriend has to spoil me,” or “I better not have to pay for anything when I am out with my boyfriend,” and really those tweets just anger me. It is not the boyfriend’s job to spend all of his money on his girlfriend. When the bill comes to the table, a girl should not be afraid to pay.