Injuries on the clock

Matthew Smith ‘16 shows his foot injury Photo by Cara Smith ‘15

Matthew Smith ‘16 shows his foot injury
Photo by Cara Smith ‘15

Miranda Rysiewicz ’15

Photo Editor

Injuries and sports are two things that go hand-in-hand. Even when athletes try to prevent injuries, they still occur. Not stretching, a lack of training or even just stepping the wrong way can cause an injury.

“Football tends to have the most injuries due to the fact that it is a collision sport,” said Athletic Trainer Maureen Lilla. Torn ACL’s (Anterior cruciate ligament), concussions, and sprained ankles were some common injuries that occurred this season.

Some athletes suffered injuries that kept them out all season and some were only out for a game or two.

“I strained my hip flexor and I was out for three weeks,” said Alex Yancy ’15.

One player that was out all season was Troy Tanzy ’15. Tanzy tore his ACL in mid-August during a preseason scrimmage against South Lake High School.

“It was tough to sit on the sidelines and not play with my brothers all season,” said Tanzy.

“Losing Troy was very hard, especially in the beginning. It was hard to fill his spot,” said Varsity Football Coach Anthony Kiner. Denver Paver ’16 was another big loss, Kiner said.

Paver suffered a severe concussion in the week three victory over Utica Eisenhower. This put Paver out for the rest of the season.

“Losing Paver was huge because he was new to the team and he was out for six weeks,” said Kiner.

Losing players does not only affect game play, but also practices.

“Missing players at practice makes drills harder because even if they don’t play in the games, they are on a scout team at practice for the drills that we do,” said Yancy.

Everyone has a position they need to play at practice and it makes the drills harder when there are missing players.

Although injuries cannot always be avoided, athletes can try to prevent them.

“Off-season training, pre-season conditioning, and strength training are important to help reduce the risk of injury,” said Lilla.

Although injuries can impact a team, it cannot be used as an excuse considering every team has injured players.

Compared to some schools, the football team had a very low number of injuries. This could be because of the off-season dedication that the team has shown. During the off-season, the team is in the weight room every day doing strength and conditioning to prepare their bodies for the new season.